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Alex's dishes are simple and fast, making them ideal for busy families looking for a break from the standard. Her dishes are influenced by her ancestors, who are of Scandinavian and French origin. We are thrilled to announce that the Plate Up app now includes a hand-picked selection of recipes from Alex's Cooking Tonight recipe book.

Tray-bakes are the one-pot wonder of the oven, made with little effort and maximum flavour. The combinations of sweet butternut squash, spices, cinnamon, along with tangy blue cheese, crunchy pecans and herby roast chicken make it a match made in heaven. Check out this rosemary, chicken with pecans, squash and blue cheese here.

Paneer – a fresh Indian cheese – is a great alternative to meat and very similar to halloumi in terms of its versatility. Paneer is a great core ingredient in curries because it soaks up all the spices giving you bursts of flavour in every bite. Check out Alex's paneer and coconut curry here.

Toad in the hole is such a classic recipe, it's so easy to make too. This is Alex's twist on the all-time British favourite and it’s divine. The addition of rosemary and mustard give this dish a whole new profile of flavours, it's one to try for sure! Full recipe can be found here.

If you want to view more of Alex's tasty recipes, head to Plate Up where you can browse a variety of recipes to suit the whole family. Remember Plate Up is free to use, start turning recipes in to grocery shops today in just a few clicks.

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