Why Breakfast is Important with the Lunchbox Doctor

Why is a healthy breakfast so important?

A healthy breakfast is so important because it…

1. Provides sustained energy for the morning ahead

Breakfast replenishes the glucose levels which have been depleted whilst we slept. Choosing the right kind of breakfast can help provide a slow and steady energy release to keep us fueled until lunchtime.

2. Fuels the brain properly

This means that you can concentrate better and focus more on the work that you have to do that morning. If the levels of glucose in the body drop too low, the brain suffers because it runs on glucose.

3. Supports the metabolism

This means that choosing the right foods at breakfast time can influence the rate at which your body burns up the energy in food. In fact, skipping breakfast may slow down your metabolism.

4. Supports healthy eating habits throughout the day

Start the way you mean to go on. A balanced breakfast meal means that you’re more likely to make better, more balanced choices for lunch and your evening meal. You are also less likely to want to snack on quick-fix foods between meals.

5. Supplies valuable nutrients to the body

These include protein, fat and carbohydrates, but also minerals and vitamins as well as plant-based nutrients too, ideally.

So, what makes a good breakfast?

A balanced breakfast should contain…

1. A good source of protein and ideally some healthy fats

Think along the lines of eggs, nuts, seeds, greek yogurt and even meat or fish and you can’t go far wrong.

2. Very low sugar, if any at all

Always seek natural sugars if you do like something sweet in the morning. What I mean by that is a little honey or maple syrup with your yogurt or porridge perhaps, or even better if the sweetness comes from fruit.

3. Choose carbohydrates that release sugar more slowly

These are known as complex carbs. All you really need to know is that wholegrains such as oats and whole pseudo-grains — i.e. buckwheat and quinoa — are going to give you energy for longer, as will the carbohydrates from vegetables.

Some healthy breakfast ideas

  • Eggs any way
  • Smashed avocado on sourdough toast
  • Unsweetened muesli with whole milk or Greek yogurt
  • Nut butter on sourdough toast
  • Porridge with berries and nuts (or a spoonful of nut butter) and/or seeds
  • Tinned fish on sourdough toast — i.e. sardines or mackerel
  • Greek yogurt with berries and nuts or seeds

What to avoid at breakfast time

  • Breakfast cereal with added sugar
  • White non-sourdough bread
  • Fruit on its own – you’ll get a sugar low just a few hours later
  • Sugary fruit yogurts
  • Fruit juice
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