Weird and wonderful fruits from around the world

With so many delicious fruits out there, it can be difficult to know which ones are best for your taste buds. Luckily, there are some interesting options you may not have seen before! From durian to rambutan, this list of weird fruits will help you find your new favorite fruit. Some people might be scared to try the weirdest fruits out there. However, they're often not that weird at all. They're just new and unfamiliar to us Westerners! Once you start sampling them, you might never go back to the common citrus varieties again! This list offers a little something for everyone - from sweet to sour, mild to spicy. Ready? Let's jump right in!


Weird fruits from around the world | Durian | Durian Indonesia | Durian Malaysia| Durian Burma | Durian Myanmar | Durian Yangon| Weird fruits | Worlds weirdest fruits | Durian facts

Do you know the story behind these weird fruits? The durian is native to Southeast Asia and is a large fruit with a spiky exterior and custardy interior. It’s often served in its shell and is extremely popular in Malaysia. However, this fruit is known for its strong odor that can be compared to rotting onions or garlic. In fact it’s been called the foulest smelling fruit in the world! The smell is so bad that it’s been banned in some public places in Singapore and Malaysia. It’s one of those foods where you either love it or hate it, like marmite! This fruit can be eaten raw, cooked, fermented (Tempoyak), it’s even an ice cream flavour. The seeds are edible too. 

Why eat this fruit when it’s so pungent? 

Well get this! It has 80% of your daily vitamin C intake along with many other vitamins and minerals. 


Weird fruits from around the world | Jackfruit| Jackfruit India| Durian Bangladesh| Durian Sri Lanka | Jackfruit facts | Weird fruits | Worlds weirdest fruits |

Similar to the Durian, this beast of a fruit is encased in a hard and spiky exterior and when ripped open it gives way to a strange smell, though not as bad as durian it may be overwhelming for some. This fruit is eaten all over the Indian subcontinent, where Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have named it their national fruit, and in southeast Asia. What makes this fruit so weird is the sheer size of it. These things are humongous with an average jackfruit weight up to 10-15kg with the biggest being around 42kg! You can’t imagine how these things stay hanging up in a tree. Jack fruits have also come into fashion these days as a meat alternative! 

Growing up we ate Jackfruit all the time, my mother would also keep the seeds and make a delicious curry out of it. You have to be careful when picking these fruits because sometimes the flesh can get super silky and difficult to swallow, the best jackfruits are the ones with a bite! 


Weird fruits from around the world | Lychee| Lychee facts | Lychee health facts | Lychee health benefits | Lychee benefits | Weird fruits | Worlds weirdest fruits | weird fruit facts

We all know what these are! I added this to the list simply because it’s too delicious to be a fruit! Okay this is one fruit where I can just keep on eating and eating and eating. I don’t know when to stop when I have these. When I bite into a lychee I always think ‘how on earth does nature do this?’ It’s so amazingly sweet and soft and juicy. If you’re trying to keep away from refined sugar, give this fruit a go because you won’t be disappointed. Be aware of those seeds though! These fruits have vitamin C and B6 too, so what’s not to like about these, seriously?

Black Sapote / Chocolate pudding fruit

Weird fruits from around the world | black sapote | chocolate pudding fruit | black sapote facts | Chocolate pudding fruit facts | Chocolate pudding fruit review|  Weird fruits | Worlds weirdest fruits | weird fruit facts

Here’s a really weird one. This fruit is supposed to taste like chocolate pudding. These fruits are native to Mexico, Central America, and Colombia, though are grown in Australia, Philippines and the US. When you think about it, that’s quite a coincidence because cocoa beans are also native to Latin america! Though black sapotes are not in any way related to the cocoa bean it’s been getting wide attraction as it’s been nicknamed as the chocolate pudding fruit. It’s related to persimmons (another great fruit btw!). The fruit itself is a rich dark chocolate brown colour and it is best to eat it when it’s ripe. The fruit turns very soft and has a consistency similar to that of a chocolate pudding.

Sugar apples / Custard apples

Weird fruits from around the world | sugar apple | Custard apple | Custard apple review | Sugar apple review | Sugar apple facts | Custard apple facts| Weird fruits | Worlds weirdest fruits | weird fruit facts

Sugar apples or custard apples really are a strange fruit indeed. They are grown in the America’s and the West Indies, though Spanish traders brought this food with them when conquering the Philippines, so it's a pretty popular fruit in Asia too. Like the black sapote, sugar apples are separated into segments where the flesh is sweet - creamy white in colour and tastes like custard. If you have a particular sweet tooth, give this one a go! 

When my mum brought a couple into our home I was amazed and excited to try it out! It’s honestly really fun to taste new fruits, there’s such a small chance you’ll end up disliking it, I mean fruit’s are fruits and we can all agree most fruits are pleasant to eat. 

Tip - It’s quite annoying to pick out the seeds when eating, so I tend to get rid of them first before eating.  

Bottom Line: 

The world is full of amazing fruits. But some are a little strange, and you might not see them very often. These were just some of the most unusual fruits from around the world to try! Some of these fruits have an interesting back story, some are just plain weird, but all of them are worth trying at least once. We hope you enjoyed this list of our favorite fruits.

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