Barbie has landed...

The highly anticipated launch of the new Barbie movie meant one thing, we had to create a recipe to match that screams Barbie and we think we have done just that...

This fabulously pink Beetroot raita and orzo salad by Plate Up will soon become a staple recipe in your household. It's super quick and easy to make, it looks pretty and tastes it too! Not only is this recipe fitting for the launch of Barbie but it's a light and refreshing meal to enjoy over Summer.

Instead of blending the beetroots to make the sauce we have a clever tip so you don't need to get the blender out! You're going to make an easy peasy beetroot raita. Grate cooked beetroot into Greek yoghurt and season with sumac. Using a raita (a type of yoghurt dip) is a nifty way to make a salad dressing which is fab stirred into orzo. Traditionally raita is made with grated cucumber - we've swapped this out for beetroot to give this dish a tasty twist. Sumac is a fantastic dried herb to have in your cupboard, adding a lemony kick to dishes. It's a Middle Eastern herb made from dried berries, great to use when you don't have any lemons to hand, plus it's pink so Barbie would approve. In the same way that Barbie and Ken are a perfect match, this recipe also goes perfectly with grilled halloumi if you want to take it up a notch.

Be the host with the most this Summer and wow your guests with this spectacular pink recipe at your next family gathering or BBQ. We have plenty more recipes on Plate Up to suit different occasions and dietary requirements. Whether you're looking for some mid-week meal inspiration for the family or planning a soiree with friends we have 100s of recipes to chose from. Turn your recipes in to grocery shops in just a few clicks and checkout with your preferred supermarket adding all your additional shopping needs to the same shop, get started here today, it's free!

If you haven't watched Barbie yet, what are you waiting for? Check out the trailer here.

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