Healthy vegan recipe ideas that are easy to make

It’s the new year! Have you made your resolutions yet? If you want to lose weight, be healthy, or start eating healthier meals, here are some ways to help you improve your life this year. One way to do this is following the vegan diet. Not only can a plant based diet be a lot healthier than others but you can also reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. What better way to start the year than being healthy and being eco-friendly? We're lucky enough to get some new Veganuary recipes on the free Plate Up app. Here's a list of easy healthy vegan meals.

Lunch / Dinner

Puy lentil pie

Puy lentil  Vegan pie| healthy vegan meals | Healthy vegan meal ideas

This pie is the definition of comfort food. You may find yourself making this one even if you’re not a vegan yourself it’s just that good! The crisp filo top and the puy lentil base looks amazing and is divine to eat. It’s incredibly healthy to eat as this pie has a good variety of nutritional benefits. It consists of puy lentils which are a great source of protein and fibre, making them a perfect substitute for meat and butternut squash which is rich in vitamins and minerals. Puy lentils hold their texture much better compared to others, so it’s a natural choice to have the base made out of them. 

Quinoa cottage pie

Vegan Cottage pie| healthy vegan meals | Healthy vegan meal ideas

You might be a huge fan of them, of course who doesn’t love a good pie? And I know what you might be thinking, vegan  or even vegetarian pies may seem a bit boring or bland? Well that couldn’t be farther from the truth! 

Starting the new year with a reduced carbon footprint means you can do your bit to keep this world a greener place. You may have heard that the meat industry accounts for a lot of greenhouse gas emissions in the environment (up to 60% in a study) [1], so it’s important for everyone to reduce their meat consumption. Cottage pie as well as so many others fall into the category of meat pies but you’ll be surprised by how this pie compares to them, it’s a great healthy alternative as it contains quinoa, which has more protein and fibre than rice, making sure you are kept feeling full for longer. 

Vegan tuna pasta bake

Vegan Tuna Bake | Easy Vegan pasta |  healthy vegan meals | Healthy vegan meal ideas

You might be wondering, it can’t be real tuna can it? Well this bake will prove to you how you can make vegan dishes taste like the real thing just by being wild with some flavours! To make the tuna, chickpeas and caper juice is used, the juice brings about the flavour of tuna. It’s really a brilliant idea because tuna and many other fish have that salty taste brine has, and is even sometimes left in a brine. It also uses vegan cheese and vegan mayo, both of which traditionally can be really unhealthy. Along with the caper juice, the real surprising ingredient is using salted crisps. They add a slight salty, crispness to the vegan tuna bake with every bite.

So Vegan’s Veggie Curry Pies

Vegan veggie pie| | Vegan vegetable pie | healthy vegan meals | Healthy vegan meal ideas

The last of the lunch/dinner dishes are these veggie pies. They honestly look so good and taste just the same! The pies are filled with a plethora of vegetables including butternut squash, peas, and spinach. Who would’ve thought of a healthy pie? Well now you can, because this recipe exists! It uses gluten free puff pastry, and coconut oil that are great alternatives. The vegetables are covered with an amazing tomato sauce, giving the pie a great flavour. You’ll be wanting to make so many of these, especially if you own mini pie tins, this is a must bake!


Chocolate and Peanut Butter Fridge Bars 

Vegan chocolate bar| Vegan chocolate |  healthy vegan meals | Healthy vegan meal ideas

These fridge bars are going to amaze you as they did me. Guess what they’re made of? Chickpeas! Pretty strange but the taste is immaculate. The best part is that you don’t even have to bake them, so you can spend more time eating and remaking them again and again. They keep really well too, in the fridge for about 3-4 days and in the freezer for a few weeks! Vegan chocolate, cacao nibs and cacao powder are all used. Now that's what I call chocolatey! Not only that but they have peanut butter and hazelnut, giving it a slightly salty and nutty flavour, which we all know goes really well with chocolate. There is no added sugar in this recipe, the sweetness actually comes from the medjool dates, which in my opinion are my favourite kind!

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