Halloween is the perfect time to release your inner spookiness so be sure to check out our recipe collection for all our spooky and scary themed goodness.

Treat yourself to our easy Halloween recipes! No Tricks included.

Halloween is round the corner!! It's the time of year when we celebrate everything spooky and frightful! 

In order to fulfil our cravings for Halloween, Plate Up offers recipes from culinary experts to bake and cook throughout the month of October. So look no further than the Plate Up website if you're looking for some inventive, unique, and delicious Halloween  foods this October.

All of these recipes were made by Ghoul at Heart. Feel free to checkout these recipes in our new Halloween recipe collection if you want the ingredients to be delivered to your door.

Blood Moon Cake

Blood moon cake Ghoul at heart easy halloween recipes plate up  | Halloween cheesecake recipes | Halloween cake recipes

We can't leave out dessert, especially this one! Ghoul at Heart's blood moon cake recipe is sure to impress anyone who tries it. This is the Hallween treat you didn't know you wanted, thanks to the combination of oranges and grapefruits for the colour gradient and a delectable vanilla sponge. The gradient effect of this cake is sure to awe your friends and family who will be taking a slice out of it. Overall this recipe is a must try if you’re ever short on Halloween cake ideas.

Freak Show Funnel Cakes

Freak show funnel cakes Halloween cake recipe Ghoul at Heart Plate Up

The classic funnel cake that really looks freaky! Funnel cakes look a bit weird and wacky anyway but this recipe knocks it out of the park! It’s dyed a deep red colour which gives a freaky impression of scattered intestines. Don't worry though, this tastes nothing of the sort! Ghoul at Heart’s funnel cake is deliciously sweet as it’s spiced with everything autumn, including ground cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla and topped with powdered sugar. If you’re looking for a sweet snack, this recipe is perfect to bake.

Bearded Lady Fingers

Breaded lady fingers Halloween hot dog recipe Ghoul at Heart | Plate Up

A brilliant four ingredient recipe, this one is super easy and super quick to make — really it only takes 15 minutes!  We’ve all eaten hot dogs at barbecues, state fairs, and as a quick fast food meal when you’re on the run. All the more reason to make these for your perfect Halloween party or gathering. 

Corn on the Carcass

Corn on the carcass  Halloween sweet corn recipe Ghoul at Heart Plate Up

It's very easy to transform corn on the cob into a spooky Halloween side dish with some creative plating and simple preparation. Bring delight to your family and friends with taste as well as style as this Ghoul at Heart dish is flavoured with paprika and chilli to give it a great kick. Added to that, it also comes with its own spiced mayonnaise that is sure to impress all those Halloween party goers. If you're looking for a dish which feeds plenty of people, this is the one to go for.

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