The ultimate list of pan Asian restaurants - London you need to know

London is a multicultural city that boasts an array of cuisine from all over the world. And it has some of the best Asian restaurants. If your craving Chinese, Japanese or Korean food, Indian or Sri Lankan you'll find something to satisfy your taste buds here. A visit to London can be a great way to indulge in Eastern flavours and explore new cultures. Here's our guide to the best Asian restaurants in London. We’ve put together this list of the very best Asian restaurants in London - the ones that leave you with happy memories and full stomachs. Here are our favourites:

Kolamba Sri Lankan Restaurant  - Soho 

Kolamba | Best Restaurants in London 2021
Credit: Kolamba Sri Lankan Restaurant

Want to have something totally unique? Kolamba Sri Lankan Restaurant is the place to go. Here you’ll be transported straight to the subcontinent, they have the most authentic Sri Lankan food. You’ll get an amazing selection of different types of curries, you’ll be able to taste the numerous spices and flavours with every bite. The combination of Sinhalese, Tamil, Moor, Dutch and Malay tastes and textures are all within this one restaurant, so many combinations and all of them cooked equally with love. They also have veggie and vegan options, and a plethora of traditional desserts. So if you're looking for pan Asian restaurants or Asian fusion restaurants in London, this is the one to visit!

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Sushi Masago - Shadwell

 Sushi Masago | Best Restaurants in London 2021

This is an Asian restaurant near me (well where I live). I’ve been to this not long ago with a friend who recommended it to me. It’s a halal sushi restaurant (as you can tell by the name). Many sushi restaurants are pretty expensive (with good reason too) but this restaurant it’s really delicious but affordable which really surprised me. It’s based in Shadwell, east London. It’s a hidden gem. They make it fresh, you can even see the process. The staff are super friendly and easy to talk to. I don’t have anything bad to say about this place. We ordered the salmon nigiri, along with an amazing Goma Wakame (Kaiso Salad), a seaweed salad. They also have many Japanese drinks including Ramune and Sansu. You can also have Doriaki or Mochi for dessert. 

Uzumaki London - Holborn

Uzumaki London | Restaurants with live music London
Credit: Uzumaki London

This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in London 2021. It's based in Holborn and is unlike any other. It is the first restaurant to be anime themed in both Britain and Europe. If you're an anime fan then this is a must visit. They specialise in ramen, particularly the ramen you see in Naruto, with the fish cake and everything else. It’s an iconic dish, one which you’ll recognise the instant you lay your eyes on it. They put on many events, including cosplays, where many people dress up as anime characters. It gets particularly lively during Comic Cons, Hyperjapan or London Anime and Gaming Con. They also have amazing bubble teas. It’s a brilliant place to hang out with your friends, so be sure to check this one out!

A Wong - Victoria

A Wong | High end restaurants London

If you want to have real, authentic asian food you must visit this place. A Wong located in Victoria is a restaurant like no other, here you’ll be served amazing Chinese food, focussing on Cantonese cuisine in particular. Not only is the food great but the presentation of your lunch or dinner is immaculate and extremely creative. The real highlight of this restaurant is that they do cookery classes, teaching the art of dim sum, noodle pulling, wok cookery and so much more. These classes are taught throughout the year where you can learn traditional Chinese techniques.

Mowgli Restaurant - Fitzrovia

Mowgli | High end restaurants London
Credit: Mowgli Restaurant

Mowgli is all about organised chaos when it comes to eating, not about the quiet, secretive nature some restaurants boast to have. Mowgli began with Nisha Katone MBE, a curry evangelist who opened up the Indian restaurant first in Liverpool. It was quite a success and led to 12 other branches across the country. Mowgli has now hit Fitzrovia. Nisha proves that Indian cuisine can be healthy, and very often vegan. If you ever want fresh Indian cooking, here’s the place to go. Keep an eye out for it! 

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Dessert places: 

Gaza Café - Soho

Gaza Cafe |  Best Café  in London 2021
Credit: Gaza Cafe

If you're looking for a great dessert place,  why not stop by at Gaza Cafe? It specialises in the really trendy bingsoo, which is a Korean dessert made up of shaved ice and delicious toppings like fruit, red bean and condensed milk. Although bingsoo is the perfect dessert for summer, we are aware that you might feel too cold to have it for winter, fear not because Gaza Cafe also does waffles. The first time I went there it was in the middle of summer but like a traditional london day it was pouring with rain! As a result the weather was quite chilly, I wanted something hot. Gaza’s waffles are amazingly warm and sweet. It’s the best thing to have on a cold day, for sure. 

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