The Most Delicious and Easy Christmas Dinner Recipes

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and it's time for delicious recipes to make the season even merrier. December is just around the corner and that means it’s time for some holiday-themed posts on our blog. With all of the hustle and bustle of the season, it can be hard to find time to cook some great meals. That's where these Christmas Recipes come in! These recipes will help you prepare amazing dishes perfect for the holiday season. If you need some extra kitchen inspiration, we've also included a variety of delicious appetizers as well as main courses that are perfect for this beautiful time of year. 

Vegan whole roasted cauliflower - Nele Liivlaid

Vegan Chrismas Recipes |vegan recipes for christmas  | vegan christmas dinner recipes | christmas vegan recipes Plate Up

A traditional Christmas dinner includes turkey so it can be tough replacing a meal that is so well beloved. Despite all of that, this dish is not only tons healthier, but it's a whole roasted cauliflower with tangy garlic and paprika paste. Juicy and hearty and flavoursome, yet oil-free and vegan. No need to worry about gaining weight through Christmas, you might not even need a new years resolution aimed at weight. So live a stress-free Christmas and try this recipe. It’s Perfect for holidays. It's also such an easy Christmas dinner recipe! You should try this one out.

Vegan festive lentil loaf with nuts and potatoes - Nele Liivlaid

Vegan Chrismas Recipes |vegan christmas dinner recipes | vegan recipes for christmas  | Plate Up | vegan christmas breakfast recipes uk

Delicious and comforting festive lentil loaf with potatoes and nuts that is vegan, oil-free, low-fat and Candida diet friendly. This is an excellent breakfast dish, amazing for a great Christmas breakfast. It’s rich with flavour as it has paprika, sage, chilli flakes, rosemary and a lot more. It’s much denser than a traditional loaf which will make you feel fuller for longer, so you’ll have plenty to eat when it comes to the real Christmas meals like lunch and dinner. 

Sausage, apple and cranberry stuffing - Balance with Jess

Christmas Stuffing Recipe | Christmas Dinner Ideas | Plate Up | christmas recipes | christmas dinner recipes uk  | christmas recipes dinner | recipes for christmas dinner

Stuffing is one of the most traditional side dishes of a western Christmas dinner. Make your holiday feast more festive with this crowd-pleasing sausage, apple, and cranberry stuffing! It's a delicious mix of sweet and savoury with plenty of flavor from Italian sausage, fresh herbs, and tart cranberries. It’s meaty, but light so you can leave more room for the showstopper dish at your Christmas dinner. 

Shepards pie - Marcella DiLonardo

Shepards Pie Recipe | Christmas Dinner Ideas | Plate Up

With the weather being insanely cold here, ain't nobody got time for salad! Give me ALL the comfort food winter has to offer. Did you know that shepherd's pie was a way of using up leftover meat back in the 1800s? Well, this shepherd's pie certainly does not taste like something you get as a leftover! It’s warm and filling. You get the creaminess from the mashed potatoes but also get the juicy meaty taste from the minced meat. On top of all that, you get tiny bits of vegetables. The texture is just great. 

Browned butter garlic mashed potatoes - Marcella DiLonardo

Mashed Potato Recipe | Christmas Dinner Ideas | Plate Up christmas recipes for dinner

Mashed potatoes is one of my favourite things to eat, but I think this recipe takes it up to a whole new level. This browned butter garlic mashed potatoes has everything you need! Nutty browned butter, flavorful roasted garlic, and cream cheese for extra creaminess. You might be thinking, what makes brown butter so special huh? Well it’s regular butter that has been long enough to toast the milk, by doing this you get this amazing nutty flavour which comes out of the butter, the whole aroma, flavour and colour is different. It adds another layer of amazingness to regular mashed potatoes. 

Caramelised brussels sprouts + pancetta - Marcella DiLonardo

Brussel Sprouts Recipes |vegetarian christmas dinner recipes uk  | Plate Up | vegetarian christmas dinner recipes

This is such a quick & easy one pot side dish to put together which is very important when preparing a whole feast! The less dishes to wash in the end, the better. It takes a mere 20 minutes to make and goes as a great side dish at a Christmas dinner table. I know what you're thinking, no one likes Brussels sprouts but this recipe I assure you will change your mind. Caramelised Brussel sprouts add a depth of flavour to the dish, it will transform your taste buds, you’ll never have to dislike or ignore a brussel sprout again!

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