The Best Vegan Dessert Recipes Made Easy with Plate Up

Eating vegan is easier than ever. You can now find vegan versions of many traditional dishes at restaurants and bakeries, as well as high-quality convenience foods. More and more people are switching to a plant-based diet due to the growing concern for the environment, animal welfare, and their own health. Whether you’ve been following a vegan diet for years or you’re just starting out, there are plenty of delicious recipes on this blog for you to enjoy.

You can still enjoy your favourite dishes without any animal products. These are some of the most delicious vegan desserts that are also good for you! It’s hard to believe that these scrumptious sweets are completely vegan, but they are! No eggs, no butter, no cream cheese, and no milk. One of the most common misconceptions about veganism is that it lacks dessert options. Thankfully, this is not true! There are now so many amazing vegan desserts and they’re not hard to make either! Here’s a list of the best vegan desserts you can make using the Plate Up App.

Kourabiedes Christmas Butter Cookies  - Veganuary

Christmas Vegan Dessert Recipes | Veganuary | Easy vegan dessert | Greek Christmas desserts | Greek vegan dessert recipes

Now that we’re all waiting for Christmas, these butter cookies from Veganuary will hit the spot. If you’re looking for vegan Christmas desserts this is the one. We don’t get snow in London in time for Christmas but with these Cypriot Kourabiedes butter cookies you won’t be missing it. They look like snowballs and are deliciously sweet to eat too as they have rosewater and almond in them. Although you might be thinking hey butter’s not vegan! This recipe is made with a dairy free spread. So what are you waiting for? Try something new this Christmas!

Vegan Gingerbread Cake with Icing – Nele Liivlaid

Vegan Gingerbread Cake | Nele Liivlaid | Christmas Vegan dessert | Vegan Christmas desserts  | Vegan sugar free desserts

Here's an absolutely delicious gluten-free vegan gingerbread cake recipe from Nele Liivlaid – right on spot for the holiday season. It’s an easy sugar-free no molasses gingerbread cake suitable for those on a low glycemic or Candida diet. Vegan desserts are often seen as being nothing but healthy options. That's wrong! There are plenty of decadent vegan desserts that you can enjoy without feeling guilty afterward. This is one such recipe. You won’t have to miss out on your gingerbread traditions as this gingerbread cake is made with almond milk and tahini. You’ll get all the flavours of a classic gingerbread too but in cake form! What’s not to like? It's time to break away from your old eating habits and explore the world of vegan desserts!

Peaches and ‘Cream' Baked Oats – Veganuary

Peaches & Cream Crumble| Vegan dessert recipes | Veganuary desserts| Plate Up

Tired of searching for 'vegan desserts near me?' Well you’ve come to the right place! because here are Plate Up our customers take pride in fast shopping and cooking. We’ve all heard of the classic apple or peach crumble, now it’s time we make it vegan! This recipe by Veganuary replaces the traditional flour and butter crumble with oats making it loads healthier than your average crumble. It’s also filled with peaches, much sweeter than apples so you’ll get all the sweetness for 0% of the guilt. You might find there’s a coconut aftertaste on this one too as coconut milk is used in the recipe. Not only that but there’s also cinnamon and vanilla too so it’s not one single taste, you’ll get a huge variety.

Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry and Salted Chocolate Crumble - Veganuary

Vegan Chocolate Mousse | Best Vegan Desserts | Veganuary | Chocolate Vegan Mousse recipe | Christmas mousse

Veganuary’s perfect recipe is here, chocolate mousse with raspberry and salted chocolate crumble. This layered chocolate mousse is as tasty as it looks, and it is gluten-free too. Whoever thought it, you could make a great mousse with soft tofu? This recipe uses vegan butter / margarine and almond milk as the replacements for dairy butter and milk. This dessert is gorgeously decadent and seems almost luxurious to eat as it’s filled with the flavours of chocolate. You get a bit of a tang with the raspberry and everything mixes in just really well.

Hope you liked our picks! If you want to learn how to make these recipes feel free to check out the Plate Up App!

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