The most amazing stocking fillers this Christmas 2021

Why Food & Books makes great gifts

With Christmas fast approaching and the gifts that Santa's elves bring us all getting smaller each year,  it might be worth considering stocking fillers for this festive season. Stocking fillers are the small gifts that get you through Christmas, but finding the perfect stocking filler can be a little tricky. Since we have to get so many, they’re often not spared a thought, and because of cost, you might feel the need to get things in bulk. Do you know what everyone likes though? Food. Gifts are always appreciated but sometimes a gift to help with the preparation of food is just as welcome, like for example - recipe books, especially when they look so cool. Here’s a list of stocking fillers that would make great gifts. 

Great stocking fillers

Get a hamper for free! 

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Here at Plate up we are giving away an F & M Christmas hamper for free for our contest and since you’re already on this site, why not enter? It only takes a few seconds to sign up to our newsletter. In fact you can do it right now by scrolling to the bottom of this page. If you’re the lucky winner you’ll be able to get £200 worth of prizes that have 11 items inside. Pretty simple to share these as gifts and stocking fillers with little to no effort right? Check out our blog for more information on how to join!

30 Minute Mowgli - Nisha Katona MBE - Buy Now

Christmas Stocking filler | Cookbook  Nisha Katona | stocking fillers for christmas

This is one of her best selling recipe books by Nisha Katona MBE. If you know someone who is a big fan of Indian cuisine then this is the perfect gift. Not only is the book in hardcover (we all know that’s the premium version compared to classic paperback) but it’s written by one of the best chefs of Indian cuisines in the UK. Nisha Katona is the well known restaurant owner of the chain Mowgli, a successful Indian restaurant that reintroduced new and fresh takes on the Indian restaurant scene. The recipes aren’t your average curry, they’re really innovative and it would be a great present for any food lover. 

The Flexible Family Cookbook - Jo Pratt - Buy Now

Christmas Stocking filler | Cookbook | Jo Pratt | christmas stockings fillers

I mean I don’t have kids, but I was brought up in a big household. I could observe my mother or father frantically cooking away to get our meals ready in time for lunch or dinner. It seemed as though we had a lot of the same dishes in the house because things were just easier that way. I think this is the plight of a lot of big families. With a recipe book up one's sleeve, this makes the problem a lot more manageable. Jo Pratt is a chef, presenter, food technician and author and her book the flexible family cookbook goes through a range of meals suitable for the whole family including breakfast, lunch, desserts, soups, snacks. It pretty much covers everything you’d want to know about. Not only that but Jo also mentions the alternatives you can use too, which makes it suitable for various diets and allergies. 

Cook Slow Light & Healthy - Dean Edwards - Buy Now

Christmas Stocking filler | Cookbook | Dean Edwards | christmas stocking filler| christmas stocking fillers for her | christmas stocking fillers for him

This is a great stocking filler if you know someone who has a particular new year's resolution. Losing weight is probably one of the most common new year goals and what better way to start than with this book. It has a great collection of rich, balanced healthy meals. You can make these recipes with or without a slow cooker too as a bonus. It’s total stress free cooking. If you know a person who loves cooking, but has slightly fallen out of it, I think this cookbook would instill that desire and passion again. 

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