The best list of winter warmer recipes you'll ever need

Winter is here! And with it comes cold weather, the holidays, and the need to eat something warm. Sometimes that's nothing but a bowl of soup or some macaroni and cheese. However, other times it means dinner should be special - like on Christmas Day. But what are your options? With this blog post, you'll find out all the hot winter dinner recipes for all occasions. From holiday dinners to everyday meals, these recipes are sure to satisfy your appetite. So whether you're looking for an appetizer, main course, side dish or dessert - we've got you covered!

Spending time with your loved ones is always a good idea. Especially if it’s during the cold winter season. The best way to keep warm is by staying inside, close to the fireplace and cooking together. And if you're looking for some healthy recipes, look no further! Here are some of our favorite winter dinner recipes.


Oven-baked paprika chicken tenders with rice - Balance with Jess

Winter Warmer Recipes | Easy Chicken Recipe | Plate Up

Baked chicken tenders that are full with flavour and juiciness in every bite! These are great to prepare ahead of time and make for a quick lunch or dinner. If you fancy veg, we recommend adding a side of broccoli. The paprika gives the chicken a fantastic kick, and adds a level of spice and also gives it a fantastic colour. It goes so well with the rice, as the chicken is rather juicy.

Chinese aubergine in garlic sauce - Rachel Carr

Winter Warmer Recipe | Chinese Aubegine | Plate Up | winter vegetarian recipes  | winter recipes

A surprisingly tasty and meaty vegetable dish, that's just as good as takeout! The aubergines are covered in flavour including soy sauce, thai chilli, ginger and garlic. It’s a mix of sweet, sour, salty and spicy. It’s really aromatic and delicious to eat. 

Easy chicken noodle soup - Winnie’s Balance

Easy Chicken Noodle Soup | Winter Warmer Recipe | Plate Up | winter soups recipes | winter soup recipes

This is an easy 30-minute chicken noodle soup with carrots, spinach, egg noodles and chicken. It's a classic soup recipe you can’t go wrong with! It goes great with noodles, and is hot and warm to have in cold weather, especially in winter. You can never go wrong with noodles, covered in broth, so give it a try!

One pot Cajun chicken sausage with rice - Balance with Jess

Cajun Chicken | Winter Warmer Recipes | Plate Up | healthy winter recipes

The Cajun are an ethnic group mostly from Louisiana, USA who are french speakers. They have their own culture and thus their own cuisine. One such Cajun recipe is this one mentioned here today: One-pot sausage and rice. This cosy dish is special enough to have for a date night on, but won’t create piles of washing up!

Avocado, Kale and Edamame Bean Buddha Bowl - Kimberly Parsons

Winter Warmer Recipes | Plate Up | healthy winter recipes | winter buddha bowl recipes | winter salad recipes

‘Buddha bowls’ are packed so full of goodness that they have a rounded ‘belly’ - like a Buddha! This colourful bowl can be loaded with any of your favourite roasted or pickled veggies to suit your mood.

Snacks & desserts

Traditional British tea loaf - Amy’s food

British Loaf | British snacks | British Dessert | Plate Up

Similar to rock cakes, this tea loaf is another traditional British cake that you cut into slices (like bread) and serve with butter. This dense, sweet fruity cake is gluten and lactose free. It just works so perfectly with a cup of tea - perfect for a Saturday! This goes really well if you’re a fan of tea or coffee, have the loaf, and feel the pinnacle of British. 

Black fig + honey oat muffins - Marcella DiLonardo

Easy Muffin Recipe | How to make Muffins | Plate Up | vegetarian winter recipes

This muffin is the perfect breakfast or mid day snack to keep you full. Fresh figs work best for this recipe, but you can substitute any fruit you think would taste good in a muffin - blueberries, strawberries, bananas, and so on! Figs are extremely healthy for you to eat, they are rich in antioxidants and also aid in digestive health [1], so try something new, and replace your go-to muffin with this one!

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[1] Source: Nutritionist, J. L. –. R. (2021, August 17). Top 5 health benefits of figs. BBC Good Food.

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