The best halal restaurants in London

London has many different cultures and communities, which means that there is a variety of restaurants to choose from. It’s a city with a diverse culture and one of the many cultures that has been shaping the city is the Muslim community. However, not all types of food are available. Halal food, meaning food that follows Islamic dietary restrictions, is one type of cuisine that can be difficult to find in the city. Eating halal has many benefits for Muslims, so it’s important to have these restaurants available. Here are some of London's halal restaurants where you can eat delicious food without having to worry about breaking religious laws.

Halal food is food that is permitted to be eaten by Muslims. There are many restaurants in London that serve Halal food. This blog features some of the best Halal restaurants in London. All of them serve Halal meat and have a very beautiful and inviting atmosphere. If you're looking for halal food places in London and haven’t tried these, don’t wait any longer!

Leila Moroccan & Lebanese Restaurant - Ealing

Leila | Top halal restaurants in London | Halal restaurant London | Halal food near me | Halal Lebanese food | Halal moroccan food
Credit: Leila Moroccan & Lebanese Restaurant

If you're looking for the top halal restaurants in London or halal food in Ealing, this is it. This restaurant infuses two rich and delicious cuisines. These two styles of food are subtle on the flavours, whether it be mint, parsley, za’atar or sumac. Every dish is bursting with fantastic seasonings. There are many romantic halal restaurants in London but this venue itself is spectacular as it portrays you’ll be transported to the Maghreb and the middle east. The reasonably priced food and the comfortable dining experience makes it very inviting, and can be perfect for the entire family to enjoy.  It’s the best place to go for halal food in west London.

Tukdin - Paddington

Tukdin | Best Malaysian food London | Halal food near me | Malaysian cuisine | Halal Malaysian food platter
Credit: Tukdin

Tukdin is a fully halal London restaurant in Paddington. It’s a Malaysian restaurant with traditional Malaysian food. If you're looking for halal Malaysian food then this is the place to go. Personally I have many Malaysian friends, and they talk to me about how difficult it is to find classic Malaysian food. This is perfect because it can’t get more Malaysian than a nasi lemak. I was also surprised when I found out that their craving for milo was no joke, as Tukdin sells the delicious drink as a beverage, so you can trust that it’s super authentic. 

Alounak - Bayswater

Alounak | Best restaurants London halal | Halal restaurants in London | Persian halal restaurant | Persian halal food | halal restaurant near me
Credit: Alounak

Many people look for nice restaurants in London that are halal for Muslim consumption and you may find Alounak on that list. Alounak is the best halal restaurant in London in terms of Persian food. Persian cuisine is one of the best cuisines to eat for me as it’s rich, juicy and fresh. Here you’ll get a plethora of kebabs, veg, chicken and more with a numerous selection of halal drinks. In fact all of these restaurants listed here (apart from Leila) don’t serve alcohol in their restaurants, which to me is staying truly authentic to the halal experience which I appreciate.  

Sahara Grill - Whitechapel, Leyton, Ilford, Hounslow

Sahara Grill | halal restaurants london | Halal food in East London | Halal food in Whitechapel | halal restaurants near me
Credit: Sahara Grill

One day I was looking for halal fine dining near me on google and I found this one. Sahara grill is a chain of restaurants with branches in Whitechapel, Leyton, Ilford, Hounslow and even Dubai, UAE. It’s known for its innovative take on halal cuisine. It’s mouthwatering menu includes grilled chicken, lamb, steaks, burgers and much more. It has warm and welcoming staff giving the restaurant a laid back and comfortable atmosphere. Sometimes with these types of restaurants you’ll often see them lacking in the desserts department but in Sahara Grill this can’t be further from the truth. There’s plenty of desserts on offer such as various types of cheesecake, pudding, profiteroles, gelato and much more. 

Bonus - The best halal Japanese restaurant | London ↓

Sushi Masago - Whitechapel

Sushi Masago | Halal sushi London | Halal Japanese food | Halal food in East London | Japanese halal food | Halal sushi | Best halal restaurant in London

I’ve mentioned this before on my previous blog so I won’t delve into it too much (read the blog if you want an in depth review!). This is the best halal japanese restaurant you can go to with friendly staff and helpful service. I remember my brother and I even got a 10% discount on our order just by striking up a conversation. So affordable and amazing, all round great place. 

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