The Best Chocolate Desserts & Sweet Snack Recipe Ideas

Chocolate is probably one of the most universally liked flavours out there, whether that be on cake, ice cream or even on spread! There’s no doubt that chocolate made its way into the hearts of people like you and I. So here’s a few of the chocolate flavoured dessert and snack recipes we have for you all to enjoy.

Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Bread - Ginger fit Foodie

Chocolate Marble Bread | Chocolate Snacks | easy chocolate dessert recipes | Ginger fit foodie

Get two flavours for one with Ginger fit foodie’s recipe. This quickbread is not only delicious - it also takes a total of just 30 minutes to make! Chocolate and vanilla dough are swirled together, to make a beautiful and delicious marble cake that can be baked in a loaf pan. A great project to make with kids! 

Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownie - Estbek House

Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie | easy Chocolate Desserts recipe| Estbek House

Who doesn't love a chocolate brownie? Well, you can now enjoy this much-loved treat without worrying about gluten. It can be hard to have that solid skin on top of the brownie, you know what I’m talking about right? I’ve had a problem with that for years until I actually followed a decent recipe. This one does the trick. You could even add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream to your brownie if you feel like going all out! 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse - Fleur | Nourishing Foods

Chocolate Mousse | Peanut Butter Mousse | Nourishing Foods | dessert chocolate

This is a silky chocolate mousse made out of tofu and dark chocolate and peanut butter, free from refined sugars. You heard it folks, free from refined sugars? Yes! This is a healthy alternative to the conventional chocolate mousse. All you need is a food processor to make this recipe and voila! You got yourself a decadent chocolate dessert right at your fingertips. 

Colourful Choco Chip Oat Bars - Ginger fit Foodie

Chocolate Chip Oat Bars | Chocolate Snacks | Ginger Fit Foodie | chocolate dessert easy

These cute and colourful bars refrigerate very well, and are perfect to enjoy after a workout. They are a delicious way to get some energy and a good kick of protein. These are a great snack without having all that sugar. Not to mention they have chocolate in them, did I mention that? 

Chocolate Mint Brownies aka Greenies - Nele Liivlaid

Chocolate Mint Brownies |easy chocolate desserts recipes | Nele Liivlaid

Chocolate and mint for me is my favourite combo when it comes to sweet things, I honestly can’t stop myself whenever that’s on the table. A lot of people don’t like mint because they say it tastes like toothpaste, well I never! 😂 Mint is the best okay, it’s so refreshing to eat and amazing! These brownies will make you eat your words. They’re perfectly minty and gooey vegan gluten free chocolate mint brownies aka greenies that use no refined sugar or artificial food colouring. Candida diet friendly.

Vegan Raw Nutella - Victoria Robertson

Vegan Homemade Nutella |  Chocolate Snacks | easy chocolate dessert recipes |Victoria Robertson

We’d all been there, you know what I’m talking about right? Eating nutella straight out of the jar and having that guilty feeling after, yeah... Get your Nutella fix without the nasties with this super simple raw vegan version! Once made you can store it in the fridge for a few weeks. Tastes great on toast, with ice-cream or straight out of the jar on your sticky fingers. You can bet on your life that you’ll enjoy this one.

Hope you liked our picks! If you want to learn how to make these recipes feel free to check out the Plate Up App where you can get all the ingredients delivered to your door from your local supermarket like Sainsburys', Waitrose, Ocado!

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