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Here's the best BBQ recipes you need to know

Summer is the perfect time to fire up the grill and enjoy some delicious BBQ. But what are the best recipes for a summer BBQ? In this blog post, we'll share 5 of our favorite BBQ recipes, ranging from classic dishes to modern twists on old favorites. So whether you're looking for something new to try or just want to perfect your technique, this blog post is for you.

BBQ Plate Up Fiery Lamb Burger - Dean Edwards

Cuisine: American | European | Moroccan

Diet: Source Of Protein Low Sugars

How many of you have tried a burger with Middle Eastern flavours? We've all grown to expect the classic American or British classic. This is the place to start if you want to shake things up a little this summer. Dean's burger recipe is now available (and it's a Plate Up exclusive!). Get your teeth into these delectable lamb burgers with a north African flair. It's stuffed with goat cheese, roasted peppers, and rose harissa spice.

BBQ Plate Up Chilli and Chorizo Mac and Cheese - Dean Edwards

We all know that most of you enjoy the flavour of classic smokey bbq. This macaroni and cheese is unlike anything because, as the name implies, it has all the bbq flavour without the additional time or energy involved in barbecuing. If you want to amaze your family or friends, start making this dish!

Gluten-Free Sesame BBQ Beef Meatballs - Winnie’s Balance

Cuisine: American

Diet: Low Saturated Fat | High Protein | Source Of Protein

Who says gluten-free has to be boring? With Plate Up's Sesame BBQ Beef Meatballs, you can enjoy all the flavor of your favorite BBQ dish without the gluten! Our meatballs are made with lean beef and seasoned with a perfect blend of spices, then smothered in a delicious BBQ sauce. They're perfect for any summer cookout or party, and they're sure to be a hit with everyone! So get your Plate Up today and enjoy the flavor of summer!

BBQ Doner Kebab from Chicken Thighs - BBQ Heroes

Cuisine: Turkish

Diet: Low Sodium | Healthy | High Protein | Low Carb | Source Of Protein | Cholesterol Free | Diabetes Friendly | Low Salt | Low Sugars

These kebabs are made with chicken thighs. You know what they say - the best things come in small packages! And, this is especially true when it comes to food. No matter how big or small your appetite is, our BBQ Doner Kebab from chicken thighs will leave you feeling satisfied. Tender, juicy and flavourful, our kebabs are cooked to perfection and can be enjoyed as a meal or snack. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to our app and order your kebab today!The result is juicier and tastier than chicken breast. That’s because chicken thighs are fatter. That fat also makes it easier to grill because it protects the meat from overheating and drying out.

BBQ Chicken Wings with Spicy Mustard Sauce - BBQ Heroes

Cuisine: American

Diet: High Protein | Sugars Free | Source Of Protein |  High Monounsaturated Fat | Diabetes Friendly | Low Sugars

BBQ chicken wings with a zesty mustard sauce! Our team has taken the classic comfort food to a whole new level with this dish. The chicken wings are smoked to perfection and tossed in a mouth-watering BBQ sauce, while the mustard sauce gives it a kick of spice. This dish is perfect for sharing with friends and family, and is sure to be a hit at your next gathering! So, what are you waiting for? Order now and enjoy the best of both worlds!

Healthy Homemade BBQ Sauce - Kitty Martone

Cuisine: World-Cuisine

Diet: Low Energy | Low Saturated Fat | Low Fat | Low Cholesterol | Low Carb | Fat Free | Source Of Protein | Saturated Fat Free |Cholesterol Free | Diabetes Friendly | Low Sugars

Store-bought barbecue sauce is loaded with artificial flavourings, preservatives and sugars that wreak havoc on the gut. This sauce is easy and delicious—and it’s clean, meaning it doesn’t contain all the mysterious ingredients in store-bought versions. Your gut will thank you.

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