The 8 best brunch spots in London you need to know

Everyone that knows me knows that breakfast/brunch is my favourite meal. Having spent over 10 years living in London, I’ve tried a few fantastic brunch spots and some horrible ones. My favourite spots, for different reasons are below.


If your coffee is as important as your food, Caravan is the place to go. It started its journey as a cafe Caravan Coffee Roasters in Exmouth Market and has proceeded to expand across London. I was lucky to be at the launch night with friends sampling the sharing plates. Make sure to give yourself time to take a good, long look at the brunch menu as it’s jam packed with variety. We recommend having a helping of broken lamb meatballs, grilled aubergine, tahini labneh, crispy chickpeas, pickled red onion, boiled egg, chermoula and flatbread. Caravan also dedicates a whole section of the menu on just brunch cocktails. If that doesn’t get you full, nothing will!

Price for two with service: About £35

The restaurant has branches all over London, so you’ll be able to get there in ample time.

Location: Kings Cross, Exmouth Market, City of London, Bankside, Fitzrovia


Maple & Co

If you have a particular sweet tooth but don’t want the calories be sure to check out, TimeOut’s Best Healthy Restaurant, Maple & Co. Adria Wu’s new menu supports clean eating and has lots of options for different dietary requirements without losing its flavourful taste or breaking the bank. If you choose to order in one of their many branches you’ll be sure to find something that’s not only healthy but delicious too. If you have a sweet tooth why not order their salted date caramel porridge? It’s gluten & dairy free and vegan. Be sure to check out their bakery offerings too.

Since it’s so affordable, why stop there? Maple & Co is perfect for grabbing a delicious breakfast before work. Why not grab some overnight oats, toast and a warm drink to go!

So if you’re around West or East London why not check out Maple & Co?

Price for two with service: Around £10 - £15

Location: Queensborough Terrace, Whitechapel




Next up is the iconic Grind - oh those neon lights how I missed you during lockdown. Grind in Liverpool station was my go to pre-work and lunch coffee spot. When the gods align, there is nothing better than popping the poached egg on top of the world famous (well London anyway) sweet potato harissa cakes. I went through a vegetarian phase and felt like I was missing out on the classics, do you? Well, your worries can be left out on the doorstep to dry because boy do we have a meal for all the veggie lovers out there. Grind offers a full vegetarian breakfast, eggs as you like, avocado, sweet potato cake, hash brown, mushrooms, slow-roasted tomatoes, spinach, aubergine, baked beans, toast. You won’t be missing a thing. Don’t forget to get that daily caffeine intake either as Grind roasts and serves their own delicious coffee! 

Price for two with service: Around £20 - £25

Why not have your brunch in London? Grind’s got you covered North, South, East and West!

Location: London Bridge, Greenwich, Liverpool Street, Covent Garden, Shoreditch, Soho, Royal Exchange, Whitechapel


Daddy Bao / Mr Bao / Master Bao 

This restaurant began its journey written on a post-it note. The co-founders then sought after a disused shop to make their dreams into a reality, thus Mr Bao was born. They were so successful that they introduced Daddy Bao, a 2nd restaurant in honour of the owner’s father, Joe.   

Every restaurant in the Bao family is fantastic. These family run Taiwanese restaurants are perfect for brunch dishes. It would be an injustice on your part to not go for their bao buns! I highly recommend going to Daddy Bao for the Breakfast Bao, you might as well go all out right? What’s in it, you may ask? Have a read of this: Taiwanese sausage, smoked bacon, fried egg, spinach, crispy shallots and soy glaze. All for a fiver! With all that food it would be rude to not participate in an hour of unlimited cocktails. So head down south to try this amazing brunch!

Price for two with service: £15 (plus £18pp for an hour of unlimited cocktails)

Location: Tooting, Peckham, Westfield shopping centre


Coppa Club - Tower Bridge

The experience is almost as important as the eating itself. This is where Coppa Club truly shines as they began their journey wanting to not only create a great restaurant but an awesome venue and community space too. You’ll be sat inside a glass dome (which they call ‘Summer Igloos’) overlooking the tower bridge and the river Thames, it’s honestly absolutely breath-taking. Let’s go for the Full English breakfast meal which they call here the Skillet breakfast. Here you will have two fried eggs, Cumberland sausage, bacon, black pudding, mushroom, tomato, baked beans and some toast. Everything you’ll ever want or need from a classic English brunch is given to you and more. With all the food and drinks they have on offer you’ll be sure to have a great time.

Price for two with service: £25 - £35

Locations: Tower Bridge, although other locations include: Putney, Cobham Village, Tower Bridge, Brighton, Streatley-on-Thames, Henley-on-Thames, Sonning-on-Thames and Maidenhead (my new local).


Granger & Co

The Clerkenwell Granger & Co was a firm favourite for after work dinner with friends. But you have to make the effort to go for an Auzie style brunch with friends or family members or in my last instance my groomsman’s parents. They specifically have a section on their menu labelled ‘Big plates’ and what you’ll get is nothing short of big. Why not get out of your brunch comfort zone and try something totally new, ever had broken tofu, shredded cabbage, chilli sambal, crispy shallots and toasted dusty knuckle sourdough? No? Well here’s your chance, it’s vegetarian too! So head on over to the west or south side of London to enjoy a fantastic and unique meal. 

Price for two with service: £40 - £50

Location: Chelsea, Clerkenwell, Kings Cross, Notting Hill


Bad Egg

Did you know that Bad Egg’s existence was actually because of the brunch menu in their original restaurant the smokehouse? Yes, they thought that it was a little ‘too messy for the fairly sophisticated.’ It was an amazing menu though but had nowhere to serve and bam! Just like that Bad Egg was born!

The location of Bad Egg was bad! Less than 50 meters from my old office serving delicious food all day long. Cheekie beer and burger at lunch time behind the slightly tinted glass. But for a more relaxing affair, you’ve got to take your time and try the full English breakfast, or why not have a dab in the classic Middle Eastern & Maghrebi breakfast? The Shakshuka at Bad Egg is a must-try, you’ll get poached eggs in a Middle Eastern hot tomato & pepper sauce with feta served with sourdough.  

Bad Egg is truly bad… it has bottomless Brunch and Frunch

Price for two with service: £25 - £30 (2 hour bottomless Brunch with food for £35pp or 2 hour bottomless Frunch £22pp plus the cost of your burger or bowl) 

Location: Moorgate


The Good Egg

We have had the bad, now for the Good Egg. Back in the day it was always a bit tricky to find vegetarian or vegan dishes but it’s getting more widespread these days! The Good Egg for example has great brunch dishes that cater to these lifestyles. In fact, their recipes are inspired by their Jewish heritage. We recommend checking out their Brunch classics where there’s an amazing Mizrachi family recipe named after one of the co-founders called Oded’s Granola. You’ll get sweet spiced mixed-nut + oat granola with seasonal toppings. It’s a great thing to have to get you fully energised for the day ahead.

Not only that but this vegetarian recipe can be made Vegan, they’ll be happy to swap out the labneh with oats milk for you!

The Good Egg really lives up to its name as they donate £1.5 from every bowl to their charity partner Magic Breakfast to provide a schoolchild with a week’s worth of nutritious breakfasts + wrap-around support.

You really can make a difference with brunch!

Price for two with service: £14.50 - £23.00 with a hot drink

Location: Stoke Newington, Soho


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