Simple Hot Soups That Will Make You Warm and Cozy This Winter

Soups can be a great alternative for your regular meal. They are comforting, hearty and cozy in cold weather. A perfect dish for cold winter days. And not to mention they are low-calorie, which means they are a great way to keep your weight in check. They are also really easy to batch cook, so it's really simple when you're cooking for the whole family. Many people think comfort foods are unhealthy, but there are plenty of healthy soups out there.

There is an endless variety of soups you can make. It doesn’t matter if you like creamy or thick soup, meaty or vegetarian soup or maybe even vegan soup! The lists are endless too with the sides, crusty bread, cream, You can also be adventurous and try something new every time you cook up some soup. So we've created a list of the most warming soup recipes you can find on the Plate Up App.

Easy Pea and Mint Soup - Estbek house

Pea Soup | Estbek House | Plate Up | how to make soup

If you're looking for a go to warm soup to last you these winter months, try this recipe out, created by Estbek House. It's a brilliant winter soup, it's so fresh and amazing to eat. This easy to make soup recipe is full of refreshing flavour and superb vibrant colour, which look and taste as if you have been slaving over the stove for hours! In the restaurant, Estbek House serves them as an amuse-bouche - however they also make for a great starter or light lunch served either chilled or warmed.

Devine French Onion Soup - Estbek House

French Onion Soup | Estbek House | Plate Up | soup recipes

With the predictions of yet another long, cold winter we need something to help pick us up, especially after the excess of December! Or, you could serve this to friends between Christmas and New Year. It's always a great standby - simply make ahead, and re-heat as needed.

Roasted Butternut Squash, Turmeric and Coconut Soup - Sophia Francesca

butternut squash soup|  Sophia Francesca | Plate Up | how to make vegetable soup |

warming soup recipes

This soup is not only good for you, but it tastes incredible too! Packed with garlic, ginger and turmeric, this recipe is perfect for supporting your immune system while the roasted butternut squash and coconut give it a creamy, hearty texture. Wait… there’s more! This soup is also full of fibre, vitamins and antioxidants. It truly has it all.

Warming Sweet Potato Minestrone Soup - Barbara Cox

Hot Soup | Barbara Cox | Plate Up

Sweet potatoes are complex carbohydrates providing slow release energy: a great fuel for exercise. They are much more nutrient-dense than white potatoes, containing more beta-carotene than any other vegetable and antioxidants to protect cells and help muscles recover.

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