Welcome to one of our many Plate Up blogs, you might be new here or a returning user to Plate Up itself, if so hello and we hope you enjoy using the app. We receive lots of questions about our service, the main one being, is it free? And the simple answer is yes, we are a completely free service. So let us dive right into the benefits of using Plate Up and answer some of our most popular questions!

Registration: An email is all you need

Plate Up is completely free. All we require is an email address so you can create your own account bespoke to you and your personal preferences, allowing you to meal plan for the week ahead with absolute ease. There are no financial commitments, no complicated sign-ups, no subscriptions, just a straightforward process with no strings attached.

Comparing prices across supermarkets

Plate Up isn't just a meal planner, you're getting a smart shopping assistant too. Our platform allows you to price compare across four main supermarkets: Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado and Waitrose. This doesn't just mean you can find the cheapest supermarket for your recipe ingredients, but it also allows you to continue your weekly grocery shop when checking out with your chosen supermarket meaning you can add all your other grocery needs in one go. Out of shampoo or kitchen roll? Once you have selected your recipes and you have transferred your cart over to Tesco for example, you can shop all your other needs too, it's so easy. Your shop is then handled by your chosen supermarket and your ordered recipes will display in the app for when you are ready to cook them. No top up shops or fiddly food boxes required!

Order only what you need

Plate Up allows you to be in control of the ingredients you receive, if a recipe features an item you already have at home, simply remove it from your basket. It's that simple. Not only does this help you keep costs down, but it also helps to minimise waste. Why order more of what you already have?

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the experience today, and discover how cooking and food shopping can become an enjoyable, stress-free part of your life.

Helping you Plate Up delicious dinners, hassle-free.

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