Great British Pea Week

Let’s talk peas! Often underestimated, the pea is a humble yet mighty ingredient. The annual Great British Pea week (3rd - 9th July 2023) is on a mission to celebrate peas and we here at Plate Up are hap-pea fans of these little green wonders.

It’s time to give peas a chance! Peas are one of our kitchen heroes with frozen peas being readily available all year round, as well as being a great value for money option. Stir them into pasta, stir fries, risottos, salads and stews. Make yourself a pea pesto or a pea-packed frittata.  Of course we can’t talk about peas without mentioning that classic British staple - mushy peas, however you may feel about it! 

If you’re looking for some recipe inspiration of how best to cook with peas, we’ve selected some of our favourite recipes featuring the almighty green pea. First up we have a quick and easy dinner option by Jo Pratt. This feta, pea, mint and lemon pasta is giving us all the Summer feels, if you have leftovers you've got yourself a tasty lunch the next day. This recipe is packed full of flavour and requires minimal washing up, follow Jo's tip on cooking the pasta and the peas in the same water, it's win win. Find the full recipe here.

Pasta and peas just work so well together so if you fancy a different take, James Wythe Vegan spaghetti carbonara is sure to be a hit. This dish is a fancy twist on the classic carbonara, packed with a tasty punchy sauce and of course, our star ingredient, frozen peas!

Some fun pea facts to throw in the mix:

This Peas, broad beans, mint and ricotta salad by Caravan is a tasty option if you are a lover of the green pea. This recipe is ideal for a lighter lunch or dinner option, or you can serve it as a side at gatherings. The lemony ricotta and the creamy orzo balance out well to make this moreish light dish!

Some top tips and hacks for when you are cooking with peas:

We hope you enjoy our round up of pea inspired recipes and handy tips and tricks! If you are looking for more inspiration, head to Plate Up to browse 100s of recipes and get your ingredients delivered by your favourite supermarket. Plate Up is absolutely free to use, what's stopping you?

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