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Must-Try Easy Easter Dinner Recipes

One of the most important celebrations in the Christian calendar is Easter. It commemorates Jesus' resurrection from the dead three days after his crucifixion. Easter Sunday in 2022 is on April 17th.

Easter eggs are a key part of the holiday. Easter eggs are frequently used as a symbol of new life and Jesus' resurrection. Though in recent times they are created using chocolate and coloured foil, easter eggs were initially prepared with chicken eggs that were hard boiled and then decorated by hand. When we think about easter recipes especially, many of us are lost on what to eat besides the usual Easter eggs.

So here at Plate Up Easter is a time to enjoy some of your favorite recipes and make memories 

that will last. Here are some Easter recipes that you might want to make this year. 

Spiced Shoulder of Lamb - Cyrus Todiwala

Easter is nothing without some lamb on the table. Here’s something a dish to incorporate the traditional with the modern with bright new spices and flavours. This recipe comes from Parsee and Goan cuisine.  East Indian and Anglo-Indian homes eat roasted lamb or mutton very often, and each family uses its own secret combination of spices. They also tend to part-steam the meat after its initial roasting because it tenderizes it more quickly and saves energy so what better way of celebrating than having something classic but new on your Easter table. 

Chickpea & Spinach Stew - José Pizarro

Before and during Easter, Catholic people don’t eat meat on Fridays, so this vegetarian stew, traditionally eaten during this period, has a long history, with distinct nods to the Moorish culture that predated Catholicism. Regardless, this stew is warming, filling, and wonderful to eat at any time of the year.

Air-Fryer Hasselback New Potatoes - Lunchbox Doctor

New potatoes are perfect for these small hasselback potatoes. They not only look great, but the oil and salt permeate into the fine slices of each potato to really bring out the great taste of the new potatoes. They make a perfect side dish for your Easter table and can be paired with other dishes such as lamb or chicken.

Mushroom and Cashew pot pie - Marcella DiLonardo

With Easter around the corner, now is the time to start getting our menus in order! It is always best to have a vegetable based alternative for your guests who do not eat lamb or chicken. This is where this mushroom & cashew pot pie comes in. 

Rosemary Chicken with Roasted Pecans, Squash and Blue Cheese - Alex Hollywood

Tray-bakes are the one-pot wonder of the oven, made with little effort and maximum flavour. You’ll be sure to love  the combinations of sweet butternut squash with its spice pairing made in heaven, cinnamon, along with tangy blue cheese, crunchy pecans and herby roast chicken. 

Easy Sausage and Apple Bake - Three Times a Foodie

Sausage and apple is a classic combination. This easy bake is a super simple way to have sausages for dinner! Thinly slicing the parsnips means that they cook extra quickly, and get beautifully crispy round the edges. If you want to save extra time as Easter is a busy time, you’ll be happy that this dish can be cooked in one pan.

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