The ease and speed of microwave cooking

The microwave is having its moment as the hottest kitchen gadget! It’s ideal for creating easy family dinners, as more and more UK families turn to it to cook wholesome and nutritious meals. Almost one main meal a week is now cooked primarily with a microwave in the UK. Scroll to have a read about the benefits of microwave cooking including a tasty recipe by Dean Edwards.

According to this Vogue article the microwave is smoking hot right now. In the Waitrose Trends Report 2023 - 32% of respondents said the microwave was the one kitchen gadget they couldn’t live without.

What are the advantages of using a microwave? 

Microwave Recipe Ideas and Cooking Tips 

The microwave is not just for re-heating ready meals. There are a wide array of foods you can cook in the microwave to create delicious family midweek dinners. We’ve curated some of our favourite microwave recipe ideas and cooking tips for you. 

Some of our favourite microwave cooking hacks we wish we knew earlier!

Top Tips for microwave cooking 

Keep your eyes peeled for more microwaveable recipes coming soon! If you are looking for recipe inspo for easy midweek meals the whole family will love, checkout Plate Up today to start turning your favourite recipes into grocery shops in just a few clicks - you don't even need to leave the house, it's that simple!

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