You need to go to these amazing food festivals 2021

Eat your way around the world! London’s food festivals are a celebration of cuisine and culture, and they let you immerse yourself in different cultures without leaving the city. Whether you want to learn how to cook authentic dishes from Japan or taste traditional Indian snacks, there’s a festival for that. Plus, if you're looking for something more niche, there's always an event for that too. Here's our pick of the month's most interesting food festivals taking place this September:

Whether you're looking for a cheap day out, want to try something new or just want to see your favourite chefs cook up a storm, there's an event for everyone.

Want to know when these events are happening? Scroll below the list for more information.

Maple Road SE20 Christmas Market

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Christmas is near and what better way to get ready for the big day by going to Maple Road’s Christmas market. This market is huge and traffic free. Walk through the market from beginning to end and enjoy a fantastic time in Penge whilst munching on a cup of roasted chestnuts. There you will support new lockdown businesses, food pop ups, fresh fruit and veg and existing small businesses. Not only is there great food, but you’ll also be able to do all your Christmas shopping, buy Christmas trees, handmade gifts and artwork. The local salvation army band will also be playing tunes for charity. So if you’re in the area, definitely check this one out.

Winter wonderland

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Another brilliant way to get ready for the festive season is Winter Wonderland. A classic festival which embodies all the festivities of Christmas. Food-wise there’s a lot to offer, whether you want to sit down or walk around. Winter Wonderland has a dedicated Street food village as well as a Bavarian village. Enjoy pizza, hotdogs, BBQs, paella and a whole lot more. There’s also lots to do besides the food. Have fun on the fair rides like the giant wheel, listen to great music, scroll through the Christmas markets and even meet Father Christmas. So get in the Christmas spirit and have a blast at Winter Wonderland.

Black owned Hackney night market

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Although black history month passed last month there’s still lots of black events you should all go to. The Hackney night market London is one of these. If you’re a night owl, you’ll love this one as this is a night event. If you’re going vegan for vegan month, you’ll have no issues because you’ll be fully catered here as this market has the best vegan food in town. All of what's on offer are black owned businesses this includes food and drinks, artisan traders and DJ shows. 

London halal food festival

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Alas! We've missed London halal food festival 2021 but I thought this would be a great shout out as this happens every year. This is a one of a kind event in Europe where they offer over 30 different halal cuisines from all over the world and over 100 different food stalls. It also has live cooking demonstrations from leading celebrity chefs, including master chef winners Shelina Permaloo and Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed. If you have a sweet tooth, or just want something sweet after a great day of eating, they have a dedicated zone just for deserts. You can even join in halal eat offs like the chilli eating championship. 

Hyperjapan – Eat Japan

All right, I have a confession to make. I'm a huge anime fan, from childhood I enjoyed Digimon, to Yu-gi-oh and Monster. I’ve always been into Japanese cuisine so when I found out about Hyper japan, you’d bet your life that I’d be going there. Yes they have cosplays, games and live entertainment and talks but I really think one of their highlights of the event have always been their food. Japanese dishes are one of the most unique types of foods in the world. With this event you’ll not only get to try out, buy and eat Japanese food but you’ll also get a lot of live demonstrations, cooking sessions and cooking tips from Japanese chefs at Eat Japan. For example, the 2019 show had a cooking session on Sushi and Sashimi, a master class on how to make it from scratch, where to get the best ingredients and tips on making your own at home. You’ll also find a lot of Japanese snacks which might be hard to find in the UK.

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