Easy recipes to keep them happy & full!

Hello, fellow parents! The half-term holidays are just around the corner, and we know it can be difficult to think of ways to entertain the kids and what to feed them! We've rounded up some of our favourite recipes that they can help you make along the way while keeping their tummies full. Let's dive right into it!

Let's kick things off with a hearty dish that's sure to satisfy the whole family. This years Masterchef contestant Adam Ball's Beef Goulash is a flavour-packed adventure for your taste buds. Let your kids assist with chopping veggies and stirring the pot. The aroma of this rich stew simmering away is so good, you will be making it weekly! 

Ham and cheese, tucked inside flaky pastry—what's not to love? Jo Pratt's Ham and Cheese Pastry Swirls are the perfect snack for your little ones to make. They can help with rolling out the pastry, adding the fillings, and then watching with delight as these savoury swirls poof up and turn golden brown in the oven.You can change the fillings out to suit your preference!

Who doesn't love pizza? These Air Fryer Bagel Pizzas are a twist on a classic favourite and a fun way to let your little chefs create their own personalised ones. Jenny Tschiesche (Lunchbox Doctor) has created this simple air fryer recipe that you can adapt and change to suit your taste buds. If you haven’t got an air fryer, don’t worry; this recipe can still be achieved under the grill; it’s still as delicious!

For a sweet treat that's great as an on-the-go snack or dessert option, our very own Raspberry Oat Bars are a winner. Kids can get their hands dirty mixing the oats, creating a luscious raspberry layer, and pressing it all into the baking tin. Plus, these bars are a healthier alternative to supermarket-bought snacks.

We have 100s more kid-friendly recipes for you to browse on Plate Up, whether you are looking for quick recipes, easy on-the-go snacks or a comforting and filling family meal there are plenty of options to choose from. Get all your recipe ingredients delivered from the comfort of your sofa in just a few taps by your favourite supermarket, recipe planning and grocery shopping has never been easier.

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