Royal Recipes - Jubilee recipes for a royal celebration - Garden party with people enjoying food.
Grilled Tofu Satay - Rachel Carr - Recipe available on Plate Up IOS or DesktopFiery Lamb Burger - Dean Edwards - Recipe available on Plate Up IOS or DesktopChocolate Meringue Cake - Jo Pratt - Recipe available on Plate Up IOS or Desktop

Jubilee recipes for a royal celebration, available now!

After 70 years of service, the Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee which takes place from June 2nd to 5th.

Participate in commemorating Her Majesty's iconic reign with our delicious fit-for-royalty recipes. Whether you're hosting a garden party with your local community, friends and family or just want to enjoy a delicious meal, these dishes will be sure to please!


Grilled Tofu Satay - Rachel Carr

Cuisine: Healthy, Japanese, Thai, Vegan, World-cuisine

Diet: High Protein | Low Cholesterol | Low Carb | Source Of Protein | Cholesterol Free | Diabetes Friendly | Low Sugars

This peanut sauce is creamy and savoury with a hint of lime, a hint of spice, and an undercurrent of coconut. This grilled tofu satay is great with Rachel's Cucumber Salad, also found in her profile!

Aromatic Tomato, Goat's Cheese and Rosemary Tart - Estbek House

Cuisine: British

Diet: Source Of Protein | Diabetes Friendly | Low Sugars

This tart is one of our favorites. Serve it with a Greek salad and new potatoes if you're a little more peckish, then sit back and enjoy the summer afternoon!


BBQ Plate Up Fiery Lamb Burger - Dean Edwards

Cuisine: American, European, Moroccan

Diet: Source Of Protein | Low Sugars

Have you ever tried a Middle Eastern-flavored burger? We'd all grown accustomed to the classic American or British classic. If you want to shake things up a little this bank holiday, this is the place to start. Dean's burger recipe (which is also a Plate Up exclusive!) is now available. Dig your teeth into these delectable north African-style lamb burgers. Filled with goat's cheese, roasted peppers, and rose harissa spice.

BBQ Plate Up Buffalo Blue Cheese Dog - Dean Edwards

Cuisine: American, Quick

Diet: Source Of Protein | Diabetes Friendly | Low Sugars

Get out your barbecues for this one because of this recipe because you won't want to miss this especially if you want a brilliantly delicious jubilee!  This is an exclusive recipe from the one and only Dean Edwards! Hot dogs drizzled with buffalo sauce, sour cream and topped with celery and blue cheese, what more could you ask for? You'll never want to go back on this hot dog recipe, it's too easy, quick and delicious! Perfect for summer BBQ fun!

BBQ Plate Up Chilli and Chorizo Mac and Cheese - Dean Edwards

Cuisine: Source Of Protein | Low Sugars

Diet: American

We all know that some of you guys love the flavour of that classic smokey bbq taste. Well, this mac and cheese is unlike any other because, as the name suggests, it has all the bbq flavour without the extra time or work barbequing. If you want to impress your friends and family, this is the dish to make!

Quinoa Cottage Pie - Veganuary

Cuisine: Healthy | Low Saturated Fat |  Low Fat | Low Cholesterol | Low Carb | Source Of Protein | Cholesterol Free | Low Sugars

Diet: British, Vegan

The porcini cooks into the quinoa giving a flavour as robust as meat, so this revolutionary quinoa cottage pie is happy to challenge the traditional mysterious mince version. Veganuary uses chestnut puree in place of cream or butter to make the mash on top, so this makes the recipe entirely Vegan.


Salted Banoffee Crunchie Eton Pie - Alex Hollywood

Cuisine: Quick | Snacks

If you want to express your Britishness, this decadent dessert combines two popular British desserts, an Eton mess and a banoffee pie, as well as the iconic British crunchie bar, bananas, caramel, and sea salt to give this desert its fantastic sweet and salted taste. Use Alex's pudding to make this delicious all-in-one recipe. A dessert fit for royalty that is a must-have at any jubilee summer garden party!

Chocolate Meringue Mousse Cake - Jo Pratt

Cuisine: Baking

Diet: Low Sodium | Diabetes Friendly | Low Salt

This absolutely stunning dessert requires only five simple ingredients. It has a deeply chocolatey mousse-like centre beneath a thin crackly layer of cocoa dusted meringue that is neither too sweet nor too rich. What's not to love about this? This is a great do-ahead dessert because I can make it a few hours or even the night before. It gets denser as it sits, so any leftovers can be enjoyed a couple of days later.

Simple Watermelon and Kiwi Ice Block - Lickalix

Cuisine: British

Diet: Low Sodium | Low Saturated Fat | Low Fat | Low Cholesterol | Very Low | Sodium | Fat Free | Sodium Free | Saturated Fat Free | Very Low | Salt Free | Cholesterol Free |Low Salt

A frozen watermelon slice with a Kiwi twist. Ideal for a healthy snack! Watermelon is a great way to stay hydrated because it contains 92 percent water! If you're having trouble staying hydrated, these lollies are an excellent way to maintain a healthy daily water intake. These ice lollies are made with whole fruit. That's why making them yourself is so beneficial; you don't have to worry about strange ingredients or food colorings because every ingredient you use is readily available!

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