Veg it out with these recipes

It's National Vegetarian Week and we couldn't be more excited to share some of our favourite recipes with you! Whether you're a seasoned vegetarian, a curious omnivore, or somewhere in between, we've got you covered with these tasty recipes.

This Tomato and ricotta tart by Jo Pratt is not only easy to make but it's so tasty too. If your looking for a simple but quick veggie option then this is the recipe for you. Flaky puff pastry covered in a creamy ricotta mix layered with juicy tomatoes, onions and courgette baked until golden, already drooling? So are we! Perfect for nights when your strapped for time but want to make something that's quick but full of plenty of veg. This recipe is super versatile too and works well for gatherings with family and friends. Let us know if you give it a try!

Pies are a great option all year round, although traditionally eaten more in the winter months, they are so easy to make ahead of time, pop in the oven when you are ready and ta-da you've got yourself a tasty and filling meal. To celebrate national vegetarian week it was only right to include a recipe from Healthy Living James and this recipe isn't only vegetarian but it's vegan too! This vegan mushroom pie is a celebration of all flavours and it's made with only 7 ingredients, winning all round. Packed full with mushrooms, leeks and beans topped with creamy mash and served with a side of freshly cooked broccoli it will soon become a staple meal in your household. If you are lucky enough to have left overs, you can save it for your meal the next day or pop it in the freezer and defrost when suits!

Now if you have dined at a Mowgli restaurant before you will know how insanely delicious the food is. Nisha Katona the owner and founder of Mowgli is passionate about cooking authentic Indian food and we are lucky enough to have many of her recipes on our site. This Lazy potato curry is literally what it says it is, ready in 25 minutes using minimal ingredients, you will be making this weekly! The potatoes are simmered until tender in a delectably spiced sauce, perfect for a quick mid-week meal.

Hopefully these recipes will inspire you to cook some more veggie meals if you don't already, let us know if you give them a try!

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