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Asparagus Tortilla - Recipe by José Pizarro - Recipe available on the Plate Up App (IOS & Desktop)Steak rolls with Asparagus - Recipe by BBQ Heroes - Recipe available on the Plate Up App (IOS & Desktop)Easy Asparagus Risotto - Recipe by Veganuary - Recipe available on the Plate Up App (IOS & Desktop)

Introducing Asparagus Recipes for national asparagus month

The ancient vegetable has been depicted in an ancient Egyptian frieze dating back to 3000 BC as well as ancient Rome. In fact, the first emperor of Rome, Giaus Octavius had a famous phrase which goes ‘faster than cooking asparagus.’ The vegetable even has its own festival in the UK.

This is an important day because not only do we appreciate this precious vegetable but farmers typically begin the laborious task of harvesting. Asparagus is one of those unique vegetables where farmers wish they had a robot since the plant must be picked every day throughout its 3 growth periods. The plant produces many spears every day, which must be hand-cut every day. That's a lot of cutting!

Here at Plate Up, we appreciate fresh produce and healthy eating, that’s why we’ve made a list of our great asparagus recipes because what better way to celebrate at home than by adding it to your menu! 

Easy Asparagus Risotto - Veganuary

Cuisine type: Vegan

Diet: Healthy Low | Saturated Fat | Low Fat | Low Cholesterol | Low Carb | Cholesterol Free | Low Sugars

Asparagus is a great source of nutrients, such as fibre and vitamins A, B9, C and K. It has also been found to help with weight loss, improved digestion, and lower blood pressure.

BBQ Steak Rolls with Asparagus, Bell Pepper and Onion - BBQ Heroes

Cuisine Type: European

Diet: Low Sodium | Healthy | Low Saturated Fat | High Protein | Low Carb | Source Of Protein | High Monounsaturated Fat | Diabetes-Friendly | Low Salt | Low Sugars

By the smells floating above each backyard, you know that all the grills are coming out of the shed. We made these flank steak rolls with asparagus tips to celebrate the weather. Together with bell pepper and onion, you have an excellent snack.

Asparagus Tortilla - José Pizarro

Cuisine type: Spanish

Diet: High Monounsaturated Fat | High Unsaturated Fat | Diabetes-Friendly | Low Sugars

I always get so excited about the start of British asparagus season; I think I inherited this from my late dad, who loved going to pick asparagus, especially the wild variety. Walking around Aracena Sierra collecting wild asparagus, which grows randomly on the mountains, is an unforgettable thing.

Grilled Salmon Risotto - Freckled Foodie

Cuisine type: Italian | American

Diet: Low Sodium Low Saturated Fat High Protein Low Carb Source Of Protein Cholesterol Free Diabetes Friendly Low Salt Low Sugars

A delicious meal for an elevated date night or celebration. Vegetable risottos walk the line between glamorous, comforting, and healthy.

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