An idiot's simple guide to start a new gym and diet

Dieting can be incredibly boring but it doesn’t have to be with Plate Up! Follow me and understand the world of weight Lost, healthy meals and gym.

Let's talk about the Gym

I am a 25 year old man, and after years at university and sitting behind a desk, I was 88 - 90kg and could barely run 100 yards without gasping for air - like the Scottish character out of Austin Powers. I need to get in shape, the issue is, I had no idea how.

Talking about the gym - Lose weight | Plate up

Yes I can watch YouTube videos with ripped dude with a 10 pack telling me how to do things with him / her promoting products that haven't been government approved. It doesn’t seem legit! So I did the usual thing, I asked my fitness fanatic friend and he said “80% dieting and 20% working out”. So I started my weight loss plan: dieting and going to the gym.

I had not been to a gym in a long time, and going to the gym made me remember why I have not attended the gym in such a long time. 

Let me explain

The Characters at the Gym


Have you ever been scared of loud sounds like a car backfiring, or any other loud bangs? Get used to it when going to the gym. The amount of screams and grunts I have heard got me thinking, I'm at a rock concert. The gym is the only place you can truly scream out something from your soul and people wouldn’t batter an eyelid. Imagine allowing screams at a workplace, I mean it could improve productivity?

Angry Pumps - Lose weight | Plate up

2. Unwanted company

Have you ever been running on a treadmill and for some reason, a person decides to run on a treadmill that’s right next to you when there’s 5-8 free treadmills that are free? When I’m running on a treadmill, I imagine running away from my problems, so why are you creating problems? GIVE ME SOME SPACE!

nwanted company - Improve your body image | Plate up

3. Really Unwanted Company

Hey guys, I found the cure for coronavirus as no virus can survive the smell of people with really, really, really bad body odor. Self confidence is an important thing when going to the gym and that’s great, however, self awareness might just be a bit more important. I came to the gym to workout, not suffocate!

Really unwanted company - improve your body image | Plate up


Before, I used to find the idea of gym dieting and losing weight incredibly boring and time consuming. I felt that you just eat really bland meals and that’s it. I started to use the app prior to my job interview and discovered many healthy and nutritious meals that were perfect for managing my macros. Below are some of my favourite meals on the Plate Up app. Light in calories and absolutely delicious.

1. Warm Chicken Salad - A perfect mix

Warm Chicken Salad - Lose weight | Plate up

I love that chicken breast is healthy. I cannot survive without eating chicken and having it with salad is the perfect blend of tasty and healthy. It’s great for a light lunch or dinner and importantly, great for lean protein. You won’t have to worry about putting on the extra calories with this dish.

2. Vegan Black Bean Burger - Craving Fast Food?

Vegan Black Bean Burger - Lose weight | Plate up

Stop lying to yourself, you’ve had fast food when you're meant to be dieting (including me). What I found out about dieting is that replacements can benefit us all. Instead of ordering an unhealthy burger, why not try a black bean burger? The burger patty is made from simple pantry ingredients and has a hearty texture with great taste. It’s eating a burger but with all the health benefits, what’s not to like?

3. Cauliflower Rice Sushi Rolls - Sushi Games?

Cauliflower rice sushi rolls - Lose weight | Plate up

While we are on the topic, has anyone watched squid games yet? If there’s sushi involved, I'd probably join. Sushi has to be one of the greatest creations of all time. The fact that it’s healthy is unbelievable and learning how to make it was fun and a great skill to have! Cauliflower rice sushi rolls is already a healthy twist on the healthy dish that is sushi by swapping the sushi rice for raw cauliflower.

Want more recipes? Check out the Plate Up app for more healthy, chef curated, recipes. Download to claim your 14-day free trial!  Click Here.

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