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Over the centuries, the British have mastered some really great dishes. Whether it’s a classic British breakfast, a traditional British meal or a British delicacy, there are plenty of ways to show how much you love this beautiful country. We would love to share some of our favourite British recipes that will make your mouth water. 

British cuisine is known for its variety in menu options and dishes. The British have a unique approach to food, adding their own flair and creativity to dishes. For example, the British often serve meat pies that are made from pastry dough and fillings such as lamb or beef. They also serve traditional fish and chips, which is an English meal consisting of fried white fish with chips. 

Some of your favorite British dishes are inside this list! From bangers and mash to shepherd’s pie, we’ve got everything covered – from breakfast to dinner, including desert. Perfect for any cuisine lover or Brit enthusiast, these recipes will make your mouth water!

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Smashed Avo and Fried Eggs on Sourdough - Lickalix

Smashed Avo and Fried Eggs on Sourdough | Classic british food | Plate Up | Traditional British Food

We’ve heard all about the English Breakfast, this is the veggie option, though might I add it’s no less delicious. You don’t have to spend your time traveling to a cafe now. This Veggie English breakfast is simple to make at home. It’s perfect for a quick breakfast during the week or lounging at the weekend.

Mustard and Rosemary Toad-in-the-hole - Alex Hollywood 

Mustard and Rosemary Toad-in-the-hole | Classic British Food | Plate Up | Traditional British Food

This is Alex Hollywood’s twist on an all-time British favourite and it’s a Twitter hit. Toad in the hole is definitely one of the most classic English meals out there. It’s made with sausages encased in Yorkshire pudding batter and served with gravy and vegetables. It can be quite complicated to make, but with this easy to follow recipe, you’ll get a hole in one!  

Shepherd's Pie - Marcella DiLonardo

Shepherd's Pie | Classic British Food | Plate Up | Traditional British Food

Here’s a fun fact for you all today, Shepherd’s pie was originally made to use up any leftover meat and it wasn’t just the top which was covered with mashed potato, but the around the sides and the bottom too. With the weather being insanely cold for March, ain't nobody got time for salad!

Quinoa Cottage Pie - Veganuary

Quinoa Cottage Pie | Classic British Food | Plate Up| Traditional British Food

The original difference between cottage pie and shepherd’s pie is that cottage pie uses minced beef while shepherd’s pie uses lamb or mutton. 

If you want to take a break from the meat, or follow a vegan / vegetarian diet this is the perfect recipe for you. The porcini cooks into the quinoa giving a flavour as robust as meat, so this revolutionary quinoa cottage pie is happy to challenge the traditional mysterious mince version. Chestnut puree replaces the cream or butter to make the mash on top, this is entirely Vegan, so enjoy!

Sticky Toffee Pudding - Dean Edwards

Sticky Toffee Pudding | Classic British Food | Plate Up | Traditional British Food

A moist sponge cake baked with finely chopped dates is coated in a toffee sauce and served with clotted cream. What’s not to love? The experts among us will definitely be nodding their heads. Although the current dish's beginnings are just in the middle of the twentieth century, it is regarded as a British classic. 

Pumpkin Glazed Scones - Marcella Dilonardo 

Pumpkin Glazed Scones | Classic British Food | Plate Up | Traditional British Food

Whether you pronounce it ‘Scone’ or ‘Scon,’ we can all agree that this is the epitome of Britishness! The glazes (yes two) add the perfect amount of sweetness to the pumpkin spiced scone. A perfect treat for breakfast.

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