Here's The Best Recipe For Squid Game's Dalgona Candy

Are you as obsessed as we are about Squid Game? Or are you wondering why you’re seeing honeycomb candy all over your feed?

The concept behind Netflix’s new show called Squid Game involves cash-strapped individuals accepting an invitation to compete in children's games for a hefty prize but little do they know they will have to pay a deadly price.

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I loved the show so much that I sped through the entire season in a single day, watching one episode after the other and it’s not just me, Squid Game has been an internet sensation and has got the internet talking about the traditional childhood games held in the show. One of these games involves a delicious sweet treat, normally sold by Korean street vendors. 

Dalgona (달고나 , Korean honeycomb) is believed to have appeared in the 1960's in Busan, South Korea. The recipe is very simple, consisting of only sugar and bicarbonate of soda. In 1960s South Korea, it was originally made with glucose melted in a ladle on top of the fire. Once the sugar is fully melted, bicarbonate of soda is added to produce this wonderfully sweet honeycomb treat.

The sales of Dalgona candy have risen due to the show's success but it has also got people wondering how they can be made. Fear not! We have the winning recipe at hand so you can secretly impersonate your favourite Squid Game contestant all you want. It was recently tried and tested by my very own sister! Our family had a competition to see who could pop their shapes out first and I’m sorry to say no one was successful (it's a lot harder than it looks)!

Squid Game main character- Dalgona Candy

This treat is a great activity to do with friends or family, why not compete against them or act out some lines from the show? Even if you are not successful in taking out the shape, you’ll always have a delicious, sweet treat to claim as your prize. It only needs just two simple ingredients which I assure you will have lying around your pantry.

The Dalgona candy itself is very sweet (I mean it is made out of sugar!) and almost tastes like the honeycomb in a Crunchie bar. Either way we think it’s a win-win. Not only do you have a sort of souvenir from the show but it’s also trendy and extremely instagramable and as a bonus you have the pleasure of eating it.

The Plate Up team wouldn’t have made it through the Ppopgi game, these sweets are too yummy and they would have just eaten them! Just between you and me, we’d probably be no good in popping out the shapes either. 

How to make Dalgona candy:

For 16 sweets:

320 g sugar (or 20 grams per serving)

1 tsp bicarbonate of soda (just the smallest pinch per serving)

5 minutes

1. Melt sugar and caramelise in a small pan (preferably non-stick) over a medium flame, stirring constantly. It will take about 2 minutes.

Tip: Chopsticks are particularly good for stirring the sugar.

Making Dalgona Candy Example 1 - Plate Up Recipes

2. Once all the sugar has been melted and is an amber colour, take it out of the flame. Add bicarbonate of soda and mix well. It should turn a little frothy and light in colour.

Making Dalgona Candy Example 2 - Plate Up Recipes

3. Pour the mixture onto a tray lined with baking paper or parchment paper.

Making Dalgona Candy Example 3 - Plate Up Recipes

4. Use a mug bottom or another heat resistant flat surface to make sure the sweet has a flat even surface. You’ll want to do this fairly quickly otherwise the Dalgona candy might harden.

Making Dalgona Candy Example 4 - Plate Up Recipes

5. Use a cookie cutter to add a shape into the centre. Don’t press too hard!

Making Dalgona Candy Example 5 - Plate Up Recipes

6. Leave it to cool and there you have it! Your very own homemade honeycomb squid game style. Unless you are playing the Squid Game - then hurry you only have 10 minutes.

If you would like a cook along video, we highly recommend the School of Wok: If you would like a cook along video, we highly recommend the School of Wok:

What’s the game?

In Korea, the Dalgona game is traditionally known as Ppopgi. Ppopgi which means ‘to pick’ was a very popular game in Korea during the 1960’s and 1970’s. The shape in the centre was usually a circle, star, triangle or umbrella just like in the show. Children would often use a needle or toothpick to pick out the central shape. The challenge is not to break the central shape! Some vendors would even give out a second honeycomb toffee if the children were successful! 

For tips on how to successfully unlock the centre shape, you’ll have to watch Squid Game!

So are you up for the challenge? 

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Disclaimer: All images used in the article are credited to Netflix

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