A feast for all

As another long weekend approaches (we could get used to this) we want to share some of our favourite recipes for you to enjoy. Whether you are celebrating the Kings Coronation or you are having a gathering with friends and family we have the ultimate crowd-pleaser recipes that will go down just a treat!

Starting with this tasty Reggae Reggae pulled jackfruit pizza by Levi Roots. This pizza is perfect for sharing and it's packed full of flavour, the spicy jerk marinade along with the succulent jackfruit make this a great veggie alternative to pulled pork. The pineapple adds a hint of sweetness which combines so well with the jackfruit you will be making this pizza weekly (yes we are big fans of pineapple on a pizza, sorry not sorry). With any extra Reggae Reggae sauce you can dollop more on top to suit your tastebuds.

If you fancy a twist on the classic mac n cheese dish then this one is for you. Dean Edwards takes this recipe to the next level by adding hot buffalo sauce and chicken to give it a whole new flavour profile. This buffalo chicken mac n cheese is so moreish, if you like the heat you will be adding this recipe straight to your basket. The best part? It is all done in the slow cooker so you can relax and spend more time catching up with your family and friends!

If you are in the mood for a burger but fancy something different why not try these Bhaji Burgers by James Wythe? This recipe takes the classic onion bhaji and transforms it into a delectable burger patty. It's a fantastic option if you are looking for a veggie alternative or just want to try something different! These burgers are great crowd-pleasers and they are easy and quick to make, a winner all round!

Of course we had to throw a dessert in to the mix didn't we? No celebration is complete without a naughty dessert, we all deserve a treat sometimes. These "favourite" chocolate brownies by Jo Pratt are heavenly. They are rich, fudgey and incredibly indulgent! With the addition of mini marshmallows it takes gooeyness to the next level. They are easy to make and most ingredients can usually be found roaming around in your baking cupboard!

So however you are spending the long weekend we hope these recipes give you some inspiration of what to serve up for your street party, family gathering or a cosy night in.

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