Simple & healthy tips to start to the new year

When the new year rolls around, many people make resolutions. One of the top resolutions is to get healthier. This could be through eating better, exercising more, or reducing stress. The question then becomes how do you actually accomplish this? Here are some tips for eating healthier in the new year, especially during the holiday season.

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Find healthy alternatives

Olive Oil | Healthy Eating tips | healthy alternatives | Plate Up | happy and healthy new year

The definition of a healthy diet varies depending on the person and the culture they come from. However, there are many foods that can be considered healthy alternatives to some of the more popular unhealthy foods. If your new year's resolution is to become healthier, or to lose weight it’s important that you swap out the unhealthy foods. For example changing the type of oil used, from vegetable oil to olive oil. Olive oil is less processed (extra virgin olive oil being the least processed). This means that olive oil retains much of its minerals and vitamins, giving you more nutritional benefits. 

However this does not mean that you need to exchange all your ingredients for a healthier one. Finding healthier alternatives can mean changing your cooking process. You can bake your chips (or fries) instead of frying them, baking your turkey instead of frying. This reduces that amount of oil used, making it a lot healthier. 

Take a walk after eating

Exercise by Walking| Healthy Eating tips | healthy alternatives | Plate Up | healthy new yea

Creating a habit of walking after eating is beneficial in lots of ways. If you don’t have much time to exercise or don’t do it a lot in general, walking can be a good way to at least get in some physical activity. Not only that but walking can help you destress and get some fresh air into your lungs, aiding you not just in physical health but in mental health too. Walking can also aid digestion and it’s much better to walk straight away than waiting an hour [1]. The Christmas lights will be around for a few more days, so enjoy the aesthetic before it goes away! 

Portion control 

Portion Control | Healthy Eating tips | healthy alternatives | Plate Up | healthy new yea

Portion control can be a difficult thing to do in today’s society, especially when we often rely on pizza delivery, takeout and restaurants to feed our families. We want to feel like we are providing healthy and nutritious food for our family and friends but it's hard when we don’t know how much is too much. Not to mention, we want to feel like we're making the most of our money. It’s extremely important not to over eat, a good tip for this would be to see at the back of the packaging and read the nutrition label. Most tables will give you the grams per serving, try to stick to this and you’ll have less of a chance of making extra or wasting food. If you’re worried about this, you can use smaller plates. A good tip I heard while I was on the tube (it’s true!) use bowls instead of plates!

Slow down 

Eat Slowly | Eating slowly | Healthy Eating tips | healthy alternatives | Plate Up | healthy new yea

I know, especially when sitting at the dinner table, waiting for everyone to be served, it’s tempting to stuff your face with all what looks delicious and good but you have to control yourself. When you eat too fast, the food doesn't get broken down properly, which can lead to bloating, indigestion and overeating. We should slow down when eating to improve our health. Studies have shown that eating slowly gives our brains enough time to figure out that we're full, you’ll stop eating quicker compared to when you’re eating quickly [2].

Add vegetables 

Vegetable recipes | Healthy Eating tips | healthy alternatives | Plate Up | healthy new year

Not only is this a fantastic way to present your food, as adding colourful vegetables look really great on a dish, it provides you with a lot more nutritional value. It’s important you get these because it can balance out the unhealthy foods. This way you can have a little from both worlds. A great tip is to serve vegetables first perhaps as an appetizer, this way your family, friends or guests can get their vitamin and mineral intake or their 5 a day without being full and then not have any.

Use Plate Up  for Free 

Plate Up App | Healthy Recipe App | Healthy Eating tips | healthy alternatives | Plate Up | healthy new year

Plate Up is a healthy recipe app which provides you with many recipes catering for different diets such as vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian or with no preference. It’s a great way to provide yourself with balanced meals. With recipes curated by chefs, and having the ability to see exactly what you’re eating it makes for a much better app than your typical meal delivery app! 

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