Get Kids Cooking with MasterChef Finalist Emma Spitzer

As part of a campaign with Samsung UK for their new refrigerator, I was asked to produce a digital recipe book to encourage kids to get cooking. A generation ago, kids up the age of 11 could cook 6 recipes; it’s now just 4. I’ve come up with some of the top recipes that parents believe kids by the age of 11 can cook (with some supervision of course!).

I feel really passionately about encouraging my own children to think more about how much time, energy and money is spent putting a plate of food in front of them and there is nothing more disheartening to see than food being pushed around with a fork before it’s final resting place – the bin.

By teaching your children to cook, you not only teach them a very important life skill from an early age, but also get to spend quality time with them over something that can be made fun and interesting.

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