Finding the best bubble tea in London

What is Bubble Tea? 

Bubble tea or boba is a popular drink in the Asian culture. The tea is mixed with fruit flavors and tapioca balls. It has become a favorite among young people, especially teenagers. It's fairly new to London, but it's spreading like wildfire. Bubble tea cafes are popping up all over London, catering to the demand for this uniquely flavorful drink. These bubble tea cafes are adding their own twist on the traditional drink by changing up the flavors, toppings, and even the color of the lotus leaf that's used to hold the tapioca pearls in place. Here are some suggestions of where you can find quality bubble tea in London. Your choice may depend on what you're looking for - smoothies with fresh fruit, iced drinks with milk teas, frozen drinks topped with fruity syrups...whatever your cravings dictate - there's sure to be something for everyone!

There are many bubble tea cafes in London, but not all are created equal. One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing a café is the variety of flavors they offer. The more options available, the more likely that you’ll find one that suits your taste buds. Some other factors that should be considered are the quality of the tapioca balls and toppings, how well-maintained the store is, and whether or not it’s busy during peak hours. Here are some of the best bubble tea stores in London and beyond for you to check out!


T4 | Bubble tea store in London

This is my go-to place for bubble tea, not only because  it’s the closest bubble tea store near me, literally a 5 minute walk from me but their café I feel is the best value for money. T4 is a tawainese bubble tea chain, making it probably the most authentic bubble tea chains out there, since bubble tea comes from Taiwan. The prices range from £2.30 (you heard that right!) to £6 but can be more if you want to fill your cup with loads of toppings. The best bubble tea flavour for me is the winter melon, both the hot and cold versions are amazing, so you can enjoy it all year round. The different variations of it, with added milk, or lemon make it so versatile. You don’t have an excuse to not visit this place, there’s probably one not too far from where you live. Make sure to try out their taro bubble tea too, it’s very popular. 


Bubbleology | Bubble tea London
Credit: Bubbleology

This is another bubble tea near me (or where I live), although they have many branches, I’ve only been to the Westfield Stratford branch. You’d probably heard of Bubbleology before, It’s one of the earliest and biggest bubble tea chains in the UK. Beginning in Soho London in the year 2011 Bubbology made its name in the UK and in the US. Not only do they sell bubble teas but they’re also known for their bubble waffles and working with fashion brands, making their chain a vibrant and aesthetically pleasing environment. Their menu is constantly changing but they have a mixture of milk teas, fruit teas and even fizzy bubble teas. Bubbleology is one of those must go places, to see where the trend all began. They also have an alternative to tapioca pearls called popping balls and they burst with flavour!


Chatime | Bubble tea London
Credit: Chatime

I remember my second ever bubble tea I tried was from Cha time. The fact that I remember that should mean it was quite the experience for me. I ordered something out of random, something I didn’t even know how to pronounce. I ordered the tieguanyin bubble tea which is a traditional chinese tea, just to experiment with new and unknown flavours. It’s something you can do with bubble tea because every chain has so many different flavours and combinations.  

With all these bubble tea chains at your disposal, you may be worried about bubble tea calories. The typical bubble tea is said to have around 200 calories (not including toppings) though it depends on the level of sugar and milk too. Make sure to have them on occasion. The lowest calorie bubble tea will be bubble tea without milk, sugar or toppings. 

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