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As we head into the colder months it’s never been more important to have budget-friendly meals at your disposal. We’ve hand picked some of our favourite low cost meals from our chefs on Plate Up, which are delicious, yet affordable. With this selection there’s no need to compromise on flavour or nutrition, while creating budget friendly easy family meals.

Plate Up is the solution for helping you to reduce food costs as you can price compare your favourite supermarkets. You can also easily remove any ingredients you already have from your basket, reducing both food waste and spending. For low cost meal planning ideas it’s the app to have in your back pocket! Let’s explore some of our collection that will satisfy your taste buds without breaking the bank. 

Jo Pratt’s Pearl Barley & Sweet Potato Stew is a nourishing affordable, vegetarian option, perfect for those chillier evenings. A stew is a wonderful way to make the most of budget friendly ingredients whilst still creating a nutrient packed and satisfying meal. Our top tip is to whip up a big batch, then stash half in the freezer to have on hand for another day when you’re short on time. There’ll be a healthy family meal on the table in minutes. Thank us later! For more batch cooking tips and recipes ideas you can read our blog here. Estimated cost per serving £2.28.

Plate Up’s viral feta fried eggs is a nifty one that easily works for a rapid lunch, dinner or weekend brunch. We tried this viral trend and loved it - best of all it’s a low cost recipe coming in at an estimated £1.62 per serving. You can add your own toppings to suit your preference, we love it paired with smashed avocado and a drizzle of chilli oil for that extra flavour punch! Watch our video here on how we make and assemble this delicious meal!

Dish up our Pancetta & Mushroom Penne. Your weeknight pasta just got an upgrade! Crispy pancetta, earthy mushrooms and fresh spinach all wrapped in a creamy sauce. Simple to prepare and cook, you’ll have a tasty kid friendly dinner on the table in less than 25 minutes. Estimated cost per serving £2. 50. 

Whizz up Adam Ball’s Cacio e Pepe, which  literally translates to ‘cheese and pepper’, it’s an Italian classic that’s budget friendly combined with using store cupboard staples. With just 4 core ingredients, this recipe is an excellent one to have up your sleeve for an easy midweek family dinner when you are short on time but still want something tasty and filling to eat. Estimated cost per serving £0.78. 

Low cost cooking shouldn’t mean sacrificing flavour or nutrients. With 100s of recipes at your fingertips on Plate Up, you can get creative in the kitchen while saving some pounds along the way.

Remember, Plate Up is free!

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