Drool worthy recipes

As Father's Day approaches, however and whomever you are spending the day with, we have picked some of our favourite recipes from Dean Edwards to mark the occasion. A tasty selection of recipes await, centred around the BBQ (here's to hoping for a sunny day) or the slow cooker, meaning less time spent in the kitchen, it's a win win all round.

First on the menu, we've got a classic with a twist: Pulled Pork Burger with Coleslaw & Side Salad. Now, we know what you're thinking..."Pulled pork? On a burger? You can't be serious!" But hear us out - Dean's slow-cooked version of this barbecue staple will have you wondering why you've never tried it this way before. It's easy peasy, low stress and high reward - perfect for those who are more into eating than cooking!Delicious! Don't just take our word for it, try it yourself and let us know what you think, it will sure to be a real crowd pleaser.

Next up, we've got a bit of spice and all things nice with this Butter Chicken Chilli Curry and Basmati Rice. This isn't your average chicken curry, it is packed full of flavour. Think succulent chicken chunks enveloped in a thick, creamy, slightly spicy sauce, paired perfectly with fluffy basmati rice. Drooling already? So are we. Why not throw in a cheeky naan on the side & you've got yourself a perfect Father's Day meal.

Last and by no means least we have the top tier of all steaks. We are going big with this Dirty BBQ Steak featuring Zhoug Dressing. We're taking the classic barbecue steak and giving it a jazzy, Middle Eastern twist. The steak is melt-in-your-mouth good, and the zhoug dressing is the green, herby cherry on top. It's a bit like jazz hands for your taste buds. Once you've made it once you'll be making it again for sure! Pair this with a side salad and whatever else you fancy serving up on the barbie.

We hope these recipes have given you some inspiration of what to cook this weekend, whether you are celebrating Father's day or you have friends and family over you are sure to impress with this selection. You can browse 100s more recipes on Plate Up to suit different dietary and cuisine preferences. Remember you can get your ingredients delivered by your favourite supermarkets including Amazon Fresh for the ultimate speedy delivery.


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