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Andalusia: Recipes from Seville and Beyond
Andalusia: Recipes from Seville and Beyond Book Cover - Author - José Pizarro

Fantastic new recipes from Expert chef José Pizarro

Tapas, according to José, is for everyone, and home cooks should not be overwhelmed by the notion of cooking a variety of tapas dishes - it's all about planning and making things simple. José's enthusiasm, eagerness, and passion for Spanish food, along with his philosophy of simplicity, have earned him appearances on many of our favourite culinary television shows. José has been on Sunday Brunch, This Morning on ITV, Weekend Kitchen with Waitrose, Rick Stein's Christmas, and James Martin's  Saturday Morning.

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Chorizo al vino 

With this wonderful tapas meal, José will bring Spanish sunshine into your home. Tapas dishes are often little quantities of food, similar to finger food. It's why tapas meals are so popular at parties and other gatherings, and with this recipe's rapid cooking time, you'll have more time to work on the show-stoppers. Chorizo al vino is a traditional tapas dish. The wine-soaked chorizo adds a rich flavour to this meaty tapa. Make sure you acquire some bread to soak up all of the delicious sauce.

Vegetarian Coca 

A wholesome vegetarian dish with a butternut squash and chestnut filling. Coca’s are a very common pastry in Spain and can be found all over the country, variations of this pastry are also found across the mediterranean. Consider it a Spanish take on pizza or flatbread.  While toppings vary (ranging from savoury to sweet), most don't contain sauce or cheese. But don't let it deter you; you’ll get plenty of tasty bites with every slice. 

Albóndigas de Semana Santa

This recipe is so good, it was also featured in The Guardian. Also translated to ‘Easter meatballs’—yes you guessed it, this dish is mostly eaten at Easter; cod is very popular in Spain, although the majority comes from the stunning waters of Norway. José went fishing there and had the most wonderful time – even catching 10 kg of fish! 

Chicken cannelloni

Cannelloni are wrapped up pasta sheets with tasty ingredients inside if you haven't heard of them. This chicken cannelloni is made with chicken breast, minced beef, pig sausages, and chicken liver! If you're a serious meat eater, you'll be dying for a piece. This is also a fantastic dinner for entertaining guests, as it only requires baking and serving. Even better if you all enjoy meaty dinners.

Hake in salsa verde

Continuing on from our fish recipes, this lovely dish is inspired by the Basque country in northern Spain. The Basque area in northern Spain inspired this beautiful meal. Despite José being from the hot, dusty south, the wild, verdant landscapes of the Basque area have a special place in his heart. The flavours and colours are vibrant and alive with vitality. This recipe too made it onto The Guardian.

Crema Catalonia

We’ve got some fantastic new dessert recipes including a dish which is very similar to the french crème brûlée, although Crema Catalonia uses milk instead of cream. José has experimented with different flavours over the years, trying crema Catalana with coffee, cardamom, vanilla and more. But in the end, the traditional one is the best. These are so perfect for a relaxing night indoors. So what are you waiting for? Try this Catalan sweet treat and you’ll be pleasantly surprised and that’s a promise! 

Cinnamon buñuelos with orange cream

In the Spanish speaking world these delightful fried sweet dough balls topped with sugar are a favourite dessert. The dish is from Spain and goes well with hot chocolate or coffee. Dip these into fresh, rich cream and you’ll have a fantastic dessert ready to be served at any party or gathering. 

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