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Tofu Thai Green curry - Recipe by Veganuary - Recipe available on the plate up app (IOS & Desktop)Aubergine Katsu Curry - Recipe by Dean Edwards - Recipe available on the plate up app (IOS & Desktop)Double Smash burger - Recipe by BBQ HEROES- Recipe available on the plate up app (IOS & Desktop)

5 Easy takeaway recipes to make at home

In the era of healthy eating, we often find ourselves in the dilemma of wanting to eat healthy but not having enough time to prepare a meal. The trend of healthy eating also means that people are more conscious about what they eat and the ingredients that go into their food. 

So what do we do? We tend to forget everything about health and order a takeaway anyway, mostly because it’s just convenient. 

Fear not! Wave goodbye to unhealthy takeaways and say hello to healthy, cost effective Plate Up meals! 

You see this is where our fake takeaways come into play. Our takeaway recipes are made from fresh ingredients and delivered to your doorstep via your local supermarket. We have popular but healthy takeaway dishes that you would normally order from your local pizza or burger joint, for example, curries, burgers, noodles sushi, tacos and lots more! 

Here’s a list of just some of our fakeaway recipes we have at Plate Up.

Tofu Thai Green Curry - Veganuary

Cuisine Type: Thai | Vegan

Diet: Low Cholesterol | Low Carb | Cholesterol Free | Low Sugars 

This simple vegan curry is influenced by central Thai cuisine. Vegan Thai green curry with tofu and crunchy veggies that is aromatic and creamy. Because fish sauce is used in many Thai dishes, they are not often vegan. This dish, on the other hand, has been created so that you may enjoy this excellent meal without missing out on the fragrant flavour. 

Crispy Baked Aubergine Katsu Curry - Dean Edwards

Cuisine Type: Asian | Healthy | Japanese

Diet: Low Saturated Fat Low Fat Low Carb Cholesterol Free Low Sugars

There is a famous restaurant chain that rhymes with ‘Braggamammas’ and specializes in katsu curry. Usually it’s a breaded chicken escalope fried until crisp, then smothered in a sweet and spiced Japanese curry sauce. Dean’s veggie version heroes the humble aubergine and is baked not fried.

Beautiful Cauliflower Rice Sushi Rolls - Victoria Robertson

Cuisine Type: Japanese 

Diet: Low Sodium | Healthy | Low Saturated Fat | Low Cholesterol | Low Carb | High Monounsaturated Fat | Cholesterol Free | High Unsaturated Fat | Diabetes Friendly | Low Salt | Low Sugars

An even healthier twist on the already healthy dish that is sushi. By swapping the sushi rice for raw cauliflower and exchanging off-the-shelf mayo for a cultured cashew cream you are well on your way to the healthiest lunch on the planet. Enjoy. 

BBQ Double Smash Burger with Cheese - BBQ Heroes

Cuisine Type: American | Burgers

Diet: Source Of Protein | Low Sugars

What is the tastiest part of a hamburger? Is it the meat, the sauce, the onions, or the mixture of all of these ingredients? BBQ Heroes believe it's the burger's crust. This led to the brilliant question of what if you could build a burger with the most amount of crust possible? This my friends, is how the smash burger was born. 

Quick Peanut Satay Noodles - Fleur | Nourishing Foods

Cuisine Type: Healthy | World-cuisine

Diet: Healthy | Low Saturated Fat | Low Cholesterol | Low Carb | Source Of Protein | Cholesterol Free | Diabetes Friendly | Low Sugars

If you're craving noodles, this recipe is definitely a go-to. It’s a great recipe to make because it is super quick and absolutely packed with flavour. You can omit the chili if you want to tone down the spice, and use any milk you prefer in the satay sauce. Best of all, it’s completely vegan and looks amazing! 

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