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Easy organic September recipes you need to try

National Organic Month! This month is all about celebrating organic food and recipes. This is a great time to kick off your organic cooking goals, and Plate Up has some delicious recipes to help you get started. Whether you're looking for a simple side dish or a complete meal, these recipes will have you cooking up something delicious in no time! We've put together a list of some of our favorite recipes, which you can enjoy throughout the month. Check it out below!

Cinnamon Oats with Fresh Figs - Nature’s Athlete

Cuisine: Healthy, Quick

Diet: - 

Figs are rich in calcium and potassium which can help improve bone density. These creamy oats are made with almond milk and sweet cinnamon and topped off with delectable fresh figs. A great slow energy release breakfast for pre-workout or a busy day.

Vegan Tempeh Bolognese - Instant pot

Cuisine: Italian

DIet: Healthy Low Saturated Fat High Protein Low Cholesterol Low Carb Source Of Protein Cholesterol Free Diabetes Friendly Low Sugars

Tempeh is made from fermented soybeans and this recipe provides a great way of using it to give both texture and flavour to a well-known pasta dish. If you have an instant pot, be sure to try out this dish!

Puy Lentil, Beetroot and Sage Salad - Alex Hollywood

Cuisine: Healthy

Diet: Low Sodium Healthy High Protein Source Of Fiber Low Carb Source Of Protein High Monounsaturated Fat Cholesterol Free Diabetes Friendly Low Salt Low Sugars

Cooking with lentils came into fashion in the 1970s. Alex’s mother would have split orange lentils in the cupboard, which would be thrown into soups to bulk them out. Alex often has a packet of cooked Puy lentils in the cupboard for speedy suppers but dried ones these days take only 20 minutes to cook.

Fresh Fennel & Red Onion Salad with Mango - Cyrus Todiwala

Cuisine: Indian

Diet: Low Sodium Healthy Low Saturated Fat Low Fat Low Cholesterol Low Carb High Monounsaturated Fat Cholesterol Free High Unsaturated Fat Diabetes Friendly Low Salt Low Sugars

This is a very simple salad that I find works extremely well with grilled and barbecued foods, as well as in wraps and sandwiches. This recipe is very flexible and will work with whatever you have to hand, for example diced apple, avocado slices or you can even throw in some olives.

Fresh Capunti al Sugo Finto - Peta Leith

Cuisine: Italian

Diet: Low Saturated Fat | Low Cholesterol | Low Carb | Cholesterol Free | Low Sugars

Making your own pasta is a great way to keep things organic and low carb for those dieting! In this pasta recipe you’ll  be using Peta’s own pasta dough recipe. The meatless ragu is also cooked for a long time and has a really rich, hearty flavour. Here’s a free tip!  Make sure to dice the veg finely - that's what makes it all come together like a ragu.

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