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Easy Mexican Dinner Recipes at Plate Up

Cinco de Mayo has just passed us and we thought what better way to keep the Mexican spirit alive than by cooking up some of our delicious Mexican meals. 

Mexican cuisine is one of the world's most diversified cuisines. The cuisine is noted for its vast range of ingredients, cooking methods, and regional differences. Tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, and tamales are popular Mexican foods in the Western world.

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Brown Rice Bowls with Salsa Chicken - Freckled Foodie

Diet: Low Sodium | Healthy | Low Saturated Fat | Low Carb | Source Of Protein | Low Salt | Low Sugars 

A salsa dish is always a good excuse to fire up the grill. Along with some juicy chicken, this dish provides a complete meal with brown rice balls and seasonal vegetables, making it ideal for a family dinner.

Smoky Lentil and Bean Chilli - Dean Edwards

Diet: Healthy | Low Saturated Fat | Source Of Fiber | Low Carb | Source Of Protein | Cholesterol Free | Low Sugars

This is a vegetarian version of a classic chilli con carne. Puy lentils replace the minced beef in this one, but you won’t miss the meat. The lentils not only add flavour, but also a great texture. This is a really healthy and inexpensive family meal that I like to serve with rice, grated cheese and some soured cream.

Spicy Salmon Lettuce Tacos - Barbara Cox

Diet: High Protein | Sugars Free | Low Carb | Source Of Protein | Low Sugars

There are so many different types of tacos all with their own unique fillings. Though here in the west we may be accustomed to meatier fillings, these fish tacos are a delight. The spiciness of the fish gives the tacos a lighter feel, making sure you can have one again and again. These tacos are also great for a deliciously light dinner, perfect for those summer nights.

Salmon with Pineapple Salsa and Coconut Rice - Balance with Jess

Diet: Source Of Protein | Cholesterol Free | Low Sugars

When you think of mainstream Mexican dishes, rice probably doesn’t come to mind. This baked Salmon with Pineapple Salsa and Coconut Rice will take you on a tropical getaway! The combination of juicy and tender salmon, fresh pineapple salsa, and fragrant coconut rice creates the most perfect bite.

Crispy Pan-Fried BBQ Tacos - Winnie’s Balance

Diet: Healthy | High Protein | Low Carb | Source Of Protein | Diabetes Friendly | Low Sugars

However, thought of bbqing your tacos?  Think regular tacos in tortillas but crispy. These are pan-fried which makes all the difference. Stuffed with BBQ minced beef, mozzarella and spinach, perfect for your daily source of protein. Yum!

Simple Mexican Beef Tostadas - Plate Up

Diet: High Protein | Low Carb | Source Of Protein | Diabetes Friendly | Low Sugars

Tostadas are made with a fried or toasted tortilla with a filling similar to that of a taco.This simple Mexican street food is sure to delight at your next dinner party. The zingy coriander and cucumber salsa fresco verde perfectly complements the tender beef for full flavour in every bite.

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