Delicious burgers that will make your mouth water 

What do you like to eat? If you're anything like me, it's burgers. The thought of a burger can be enough to bring a huge smile and make your mouth water just thinking about it. But what makes a burger the ultimate comfort food is that you can have one anytime and any day of the week.

Burgers are a delicious food that can be enjoyed in a number of ways. There are lots of options for burgers and the toppings that you like, so you will find one to suit your taste. 

How to make a good burger recipe | What is a burger | How to make a burger recipe | How to make the best burger recipe |

What’s a burger?

I’ve seen lots of different types of burgers around the world, some with the bones still in the meat, some with chips inside and outside but here’s what they actually are. 

"A typical burger" is a type of sandwich consisting of ground meat patty and various toppings, served on a bun or between two thin slices of bread. The patty is formed in a loose shape that leaves the meat exposed while still allowing it to retain its shape when cooked. The meat is seasoned and grilled or fried, then placed on the bread with various garnishes such as lettuce, tomato, cheese, and condiments such as ketchup, mustard, or mayonnaise.

More recently, as the vegetarian and vegan diets have become more popular, the number of unique and fascinating meat-free burgers has increased. Plate up is in no short supply. There are plenty of options to choose from, from vegan to vegetarian to something more meaty, we have it all. 

How to make a good burger recipe | What is a burger | How to make a burger recipe | How to make the best burger recipe |

What makes a really good burger?

It's a question that has plagued the minds of countless people. The answer to this question is not as easy as you may think. 

After all, why would you want to make your own burger when there are so many delicious options out there? 

Now, you might be wondering how to make burgers? The trick to making an awesome burger starts with using fresh and high-quality ingredients with your perfect condiments. With these ingredients, great burgers can be made at home without even having to leave your house!

At Plate Up we definitely agree that making your own burgers is not only tastier but healthier too (mostly). We are not short on burger recipes on the app, so let’s take a minute or two to find out what they are. 

BBQ Double Smash Burger with Cheese - BBQ Heroes

BBQ Double Smash Burger with Cheese | double smash burger recipe | Best burger recipe | A great burger recipe

What’s the best thing about a hamburger? Is it the meat, the sauce, the onions, the combination of everything? We think it’s the crust of the burger. And what if you could make a burger with as much crust as possible? That’s called a smash burger.

Gluten-Free Turkey Basil Burgers - WinniesBalance

Gluten-Free Turkey Basil Burgers | Plate Up | How to make a good burger recipe | What is a burger | How to make a burger recipe | How to make the best burger recipe |

Homemade turkey burgers packed with fresh basil, garlic and bell peppers. The kick of basil in this recipe will make you want seconds! Recommend serving with home made potato wedges.

Lamb Burgers in Sweet Potato Buns - Freckled Foodie

Lamb Burgers in Sweet Potato Buns | Plate Up  | How to make a good burger recipe | What is a burger | How to make a burger recipe | How to make the best burger recipe |

These Greek burgers have the flavour of a traditional slider but none of the grease or gluten. They're loaded with vegetables, making them a tasty way to get your daily servings. Nothing beats combining delicious flavours in a favourite meal!

Caribbean-Spiced Bean Burgers - Barbara Cox

Caribbean-Spiced Bean Burgers | Plate Up

One of Barbara’s favourite places is Barbados & she loves the seasonings they use. These burgers were served at a beach hut & they certainly hit the spot after snorkelling! Aduki beans are high in protein & minerals including folate & thiamine (vitamin B), the latter of which accelerates recovery from exercise. 

Bunless Brazil-Nut Burgers - Barbara Cox

Bunless Brazil-Nut Burgers | Plate Up

Barbara created these burgers for a client who is a vegetarian athlete. Brazil nuts are high in energy and protein and supply us with an array of nutrients. They contain more of the antioxidant selenium than any other food. High levels of selenium are associated with improved strength as they are important in the production of thyroid hormones.

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