Celebrating the Launch of Our  New Summer Menus, Out Now!

Our brand new Summer Menus are here, the sunshine is coming out this weekend (about time) and life sure is good!

Summer Menu

Summer Menu - Vegetarian

Whether it’s for a picnic at the park or a backyard barbeque with friends and family, we’ve put together some of our favourite light, refreshing and oh-so delightful recipes sure to revitalise those tastebuds. From fruity ice lollies to vibrant smoothies and much more, we think you’ll be berry excited for these ones.

So, with the weather forecast also looking up this weekend, we thought we’d celebrate. You know what they say… Sun’s Out, Quiz Out! (not really, but at least we do here at Plate Up).

On that note, then, it’s time to put all you self-proclaimed barbeque-lovers and cocktail-enthusiasts to the test. And, if you're looking for some entertainment with your friends and family this weekend, why not put them to the test too?

It's time to find out: is your knowledge on par with your mouth?

1. Approximately how many licks does it take to eat 1 scoop of ice cream?

  • a) 36
  • b) 45
  • c) 50
  • d) 68

2. What is the world record for the most burgers eaten in 3 minutes?

  • a) 3
  • b) 5
  • c) 7
  • d) 12

3. Which celebrity claimed to have a houmous addiction?

  • a) Lady gaga
  • b) Taylor swift
  • c) Ariana Grande
  • d) Dua Lipa

4. ‘Blumenthal’ is the name of a type of sausage or a musical composer?

  • a) Sausage
  • b) Musical composer

5. What is Carrie’s favourite cocktail from Sex & The City?

  • a) Pornstar Martini
  • b) Mojito
  • c) Cosmpolitan
  • d) Sex on the Beach

6. Which country was the first to grow square-shaped watermelons?

  • a) China
  • b) Japan
  • c) France
  • d) USA

7. Where did halloumi cheese originate?

  • a) Greece
  • b) Turkey
  • c) Cyprus
  • d) Russia

8. Which cocktail is popular during summer and contains vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice & cranberry juice?

  • a) Sex on the Beach
  • b) Pornstar Martini
  • c) Vodka Sunrise
  • d) Screwdriver

9. How many species of mangoes exist?

  • a) Less than 40
  • b) Between 60-100
  • c) Over 250
  • d) Over 500

10. Caesar Salad originated in which country?

  • a) Italy
  • b) Mexico
  • c) Germany
  • d) South Africa

So... How did you do? (Answers at the bottom)

  • 4 and below: Come on, you can do better!
  • 5-7: Well done, you’re definitely clued up.
  • 8-10: Amazing! You don’t just love food, you’re a true expert!

Also, if you're planning on hosting your own socially-distanced barbecue, this article has some great tips!

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Answers: 1. c) 50; 2. d) 12 (on the 11th of July 2014, Takeru Kobayashi ate 12 burgers in 3 minutes!); 3. a) Lady Gaga; 4. b) musical composer (Jacques Blumenthal was a 19th-20th century German pianist and composer who settled in London and became the pianist to Queen Victoria); 5. c) Cosmopolitan; 6. b) Japan; 7. c) Cyprus (halloumi has been the most famous Cypriot food for centuries and remains a constituent in the diet of the Cyprian people); 8. a) Sex on the Beach; 9. c) Over 500; 10. b) Mexico (Caesar salad’s creation is generally attributed to restaurateur Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant who operated restaurants in Mexico and the US).

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