COVID-19 & Plate up Chefs: How Estbek House Are Delivering Meals to the Vulnerable

This COVID-19 situation has been difficult, for sure, and I certainly hope that we don’t have to experience anything on this scale again in our lifetime. One thing has really stood out to me, however, and left me with a positive feeling: people’s acts of kindness. Up and down the country we’re seeing everyone come together, with volunteers and restaurants delivering food to the vulnerable. I was particularly moved after finding out that Estbek House - award-winning restaurant and one of the chefs on the app - were doing the exact same.

Estbek House is a restaurant and inn on Yorkshire’s Coast. They’re not just any restaurant, though; Estbek House is a beautiful Georgian house located within a small, charming village right near the sea. They have two AA Rosettes, a four-star rating from the AA and are winners of the 2017 White Rose Award for ‘Inns and Restaurants with Rooms.’ You can see why we love them!

Thanks to their unique location by the sea and moorland, Estbek House uses only the finest fresh ingredients and makes sure to embrace natural flavours. Being surrounded by swathes of natural beauty, preserving the environment is especially important to them. As such, they buy most of their ingredients from local, family businesses, use eggs from their own free-range hens, grow their own fruit and vegetables and make their chocolate, biscuits, desserts and cheeses in house. Yum!

Due to current circumstances, Estbek House was forced to shut its doors in March. Rather than let their talents go to waste, however, they decided to team up with CaVCA - the Coast and Vale Community Action -and have been working hard in the kitchen to prepare restaurant-quality meals to be delivered to vulnerable people in the area. They’ve really gone all-out; not only are they providing three-course meals, seven days a week (wow!), but they’re giving people a range of meals to choose from to make sure that there is something for everyone. Tim - co-owner, Chef Patron, a good friend of the Plate Up team and one of the chef’s on the app - is the culinary genius behind the delicious meals being cooked.

David - co-owner, managing director and also a good friend of the team here at Plate Up - gives us an insight into a typical day preparing meals for the community and I’m amazed by the selection! For starters, Estbek House is offering soup: carrot and ginger, spiced parsnip, minestrone, chicken and vegetable or mushroom. Main meals are a choice between beef stew, quiche with potato salad and a leafy salad, vegetable curry, smoked bean hash, butter bean goulash, feta salad with potato salad, cottage pie and, of course given Estbek’s locality and speciality, a fish pie. Finally, for dessert, there’s cream with marmalade pudding, apple crumble pie, eton mess or ice cream. Anyone else blown away?!

estbek house quiche with salad
Quiche with Potato Salad and Leafy Salad

estbek house spaghetti bolognese
Spaghetti Bolognese prepared on a different day

We caught up with Tim and David to learn a little bit more about their work in the community and here’s what they had to say:

“Also some more good news; we are working with the charity and going forward we are creating a new business with a social conscience, so it will have a non-profit side to it for CaVCA. The new business is going to be called Sandsend Supper Club. We will be able to cater for charity including smaller meals or just the general ready meal market. Our focus will be on nutrition and quality ingredients. We have just ordered our first freezer delivery van today; it’s so nice that something positive is coming from this horrible virus, and support will continue to vulnerable people who need it in the future.”

The Plate Up team wants to express their gratitude to Estbek House and others who are giving back to their community in these difficult times. It’s acts of kindness like these that go a long, long way.

For more information about how Estbek House are helping their community and to show your support, watch their video here.

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