Quick Festive Sausage Rolls

Cooking Tips for a Hassle-Free Christmas

If you are feeling a bit out of practice cooking for a crowd this year, you are not alone.  

We’ve got the perfect dishes to help you save money, time and energy over the Christmas period, so that your family can enjoy easy, nutritious, home cooked family meals. Our delicious recipes make cooking at home as easy as ordering in – and a whole lot cheaper too.

Ease into hosting again with our tried and tested cooking tips for stress free entertaining.

 ·  Save energy and time by making two lots of the same dish at a time and freezing one for the holidays.  This cuts down on washing up, is just as quick as warming up a ready meal and you don’t even have to pop to the shop.

·  Up the taste and nutrition by making your own festive treats with fresh ingredients. These can be baked straight from the fridge or freezer once they are assembled either on Christmas morning or any time you need a tasty snack over the festive period.

·  Reduce food cost and waste by cooking extra veggies on Christmas day and using them in the following days along with the extra turkey. A great #nextovers tip for reducing your oven time and making something truly delicious that takes leftovers to the next level.

·  Choose quick no cook desserts that leave your hands, hob and oven free to focus on the main event with no gadgets needed.  Just assemble and pop in the fridge the day before for a crowd-pleasing treat.

Here are our favourite recipes to try this Christmas

Simple Cottage Pie with Horseradish and Cheddar Mash

By Alex Hollywood this is a wonderfully filling classic dish with vegetables and beef mince in a rich sauce, topped with a tangy horseradish mashed potato.  This is perfect for making in a double batch and freezing for a fuss free home-made ready meal.

Quick Festive Pork and Cranberry Sausage Rolls

Fragrant garlic, thyme and cranberries are combined with seasoned pork mince and wrapped in crispy puff pastry to deliver the perfect bite-sized snack. A great recipe to make ahead to increase the nutrition of your treats while keeping all of the taste.

Easy Winter Vegetable Gratin

Roast vegetables smothered in a velvety rich cheese sauce and topped with crispy breadcrumbs is winter comfort food at its best.  Ideal for using up leftover vegetables and cheese after the main event.  Serve either as a vegetarian main course or a sharing side.

Panettone Tiramisu

A brilliant twist on traditional tiramisu from The Alberti Twins has even more flavour than the original. Sweet panettone is steeped in marsala wine and espresso and topped with a sweet, creamy mascarpone sauce, crunchy pistachios and tart dried cranberries.  A go to dessert when you need a crowd pleaser that you can just pull out of the fridge and serve.

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