The holidays are a great time to have fun with the whole family and baking is a brilliant way to get everyone excited about cooking and build kitchen confidence.

Christmas baking with the family

The more kids are involved in cooking and engaging with ingredients, the more open they are to trying new things, developing a varied diet and, once they enjoy baking, it’s easy to get them cooking other nutritious foods.

Here are 5 ways you can get kids involved in baking Christmas cookies.

  1. Weighing out - kids love to play with the scales and tip out the ingredients from all of the different packets. They start to learn about different foods and it’s a fun way to practice maths skills.
  1. Mixing ingredients - give control of the whisk or spoon to kids and let them see how the ingredients change as they come together. Hold on to the bowl if they are very young and let them do as much as they want. You can give it an extra whisk or stir if they run out of puff. 
  1. Rolling out - cookie dough is basically edible playdough.  Get hands on either with a rolling pin or by making cookie balls with your hands.  You can also teach them about how to get the most out of the cookie dough and use up any leftover bits so nothing gets wasted.
  1. Cutting cookies - get creative with different Christmas cookie cutters.  Anything from stars, to christmas trees or even circles decorated as colourful baubles will work a treat and everyone can choose a favourite and recognise their creations.
  1. Decoration - Let the kids run free with the icing and sprinkles.  You can always offer ideas of the kinds of things you can do with icing, from line decorations to swirls, to sticking on small pieces of candy.

While the fun is happening, make sure to have an adult present in the kitchen at all times, especially for baking trays going in and out of the oven, sharp knives or equipment and hot things on the hob.

A step or sturdy chair might also come in handy for getting small ones up to the right height or move some of the action to the dining table which is a bit more accessible.

Most of all, remember to have fun and build some great holiday memories - even capturing your creations on camera if you feel like it.

Check out some of our best Christmas bakes here.

Nutelloti Biscuits

Nutellotti are small, soft cookies made with Nutella dough. This recipe from The Alberti Twins has a creamy centre, enveloped in a soft dough, topped with a swirl of Nutella and sprinkle of hazelnuts. With just four ingredients they are super easy to make and a great one to do with children. They'll love mixing the Nutella together with the flour.

Vegan Kourabeides Christmas Cookies

This recipe from Veganuary is a vegan version of a delicious traditional Cypriot Christmas biscuit, which is soft, sweet and fragrant with rosewater. You can make them into what ever shape suits you. Here we've done hearts and snowflakes.

Frosted Gingerbread Cookies

These easy cookies by Marcella DiLonardo are a deliciously spiced sweet winter treat. Great for making with the kids and enjoying with family and friends. Make them super festive by finishing off with a snowflake pattern.

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