Welcoming the wonderful Alex Hollywood to the family

Alex Hollywood, a renowned home cook, family food writer and blogger, has published two popular cooking books as well as being widely followed on social media. 

Recipes from Alex are quick, simple, and delicious.

It is her Scandinavian and French heritage that inspires her recipes, as well as her 'waste not, want not' attitude that speaks to families all over the world.

She posts videos and recipes on twitter and instagram on a weekly basis giving her a loyal following. Her infectious humour and relatability were noticed by TV producers, resulting in her featuring on numerous programmes including ITV’s This Morning, Nadia's Family Feasts and Ainsley’s Food We Love

While globe-trotting, she encountered innovative ideas and exciting tastes that she now incorporates into her cooking, making her meals suitable for busy families looking for a change from the ordinary!

While living in the French Alps, Alex worked as a chef, in addition to cooking for family and friends; Throughout her career, Alex has taken part in the development of recipes and has written for high-profile celebrity chefs. 

Alex Hollywood is the author of two cookbooks, My Busy Kitchen and Cooking Tonight and her use of staple ingredients that constitute a weekly shop continues to inspire home cooks to prepare stress-free family meals. 

We are pleased to announce that we have a hand picked selection of recipes from Alex’s Cooking Tonight recipe book on the Plate Up app.

Recipes from Cooking tonight | Alex Hollywood | Chef Recipes | Cookbook |  Plate Up | Celebrity chef presenters

Check out her cookbook:

Cooking tonight | Alex Hollywood | Chef Recipes | Cookbook |  Plate Up | Celebrity chef presenters

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