We met up with our new Plate Up partners, Tally, and headed off to their beautiful RWE Borough Market office space for a company meet up!

An office meet up via Tally + introducing our new team member!

We met up with our new Plate Up partners, Tally, and headed off to their beautiful RWE Borough Market office space for a company meet up! 

It’s been a while since our last Plate Up meeting and so had the bright idea of doing so in the middle of summer! And, as is typical of English freak weather, it all began with rain, though the day quickly caught up with us and overall had a great chance to catch up,  get to know the office space and plan ahead. We're excited to see how things will progress, and we can't wait to start implementing our new ideas.

In fact, on the day we introduced a brand new edition to the Plate Up team Jade who (spoiler alert!) will be leading our marketing team. After her introduction and a chance to meet the rest of the team, we all set off to explore the lunch offerings at Borough Market. Taking in the amazing aroma of the world cuisine, we eventually settled on a mix of Japanese, Turkish and Halal cuisine. 

Amazingly, the weather brightened up and we were able to sit on the tall sets overlooking the market while devouring the culinary delights. 

After lunch, we headed back to RWE Borough Market, enjoyed some complimentary coffee, had a few more productive meetings before clocking off early and heading to Electric Shuffle. Electric Shuffle is a supercharged classic game of shuffleboard making use of vision technology. And it's all set against an exhilarating backdrop, ensuring an unforgettable social experience. 

If you want to find out more about the other options we’ve explored, head to this blog

Plate Up believes that effective team meetings enable more collaborative group discussion and an open space to brainstorm ideas and solutions. Not only that, but it also fosters a more friendly and collaborative team. We take pride in our flexible working approach so this is why Plate Up is moving towards a soft optional hybrid style of working. It really is the best of both worlds! 

Overall the day was busy, fun and most of all fruitful. 

We thank Tally for their amazing office space and coworking venues both private and public. 

Tally Market enables businesses to provide their employees with the appropriate type of workspace as and when they require it. Whether it's a local co-working space, a cafe, a library environment for focus, or a large collaborative space for the company.

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