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Introducing All New Recipes from TV Presenter Dean Edwards

Dean Edwards is a popular tv presenter who began his career on ITV’s television show, This Morning in 2009. He featured in a cooking slot, cooking dishes for the audience. Nowadays Dean has become a regular presenter in ITV’s breakfast programme, Lorraine, though he’s been on many shows including Good Morning Britain and BBC’s MasterChef. 

His approach to food and cooking is to make it simple, attainable, and most importantly, to make it taste amazing because in the end, why complicate something that doesn't need to be complicated? While he is inspired by people throughout the world, the ingredients are well known to us all. With his 11 years as a food writer and TV presenter, Dean Edwards has captivated food lovers across Britain, and he continues to inspire them to plan delicious meals at home and to cook with enjoyment.

Here are a couple of Dean Edwards’ Recipes that are available on the Plate Up App: 

Spiced Lamb Shoulder with Punchy Zhoug

Every now and then you try something new that blows your mind. I first tried zhoug when I was a guest judge on MasterChef in 2019. It was expertly paired with a beautifully cooked rack of lamb by a contestant called Amal Hassan. I couldn’t believe the flavour of this punchy green sauce, and once the show had aired I contacted Amal to beg her for the recipe. Luckily for me and for you, sharing is caring, so enjoy my take on Amal’s fabulous dish. 

Roasted Butternut Squash Tagine

A North African tagine usually includes lamb, but what I love about the complex flavour profile is the sweetness that comes from the fruit, usually apricots, that’s used to balance the spice. Using naturally sweet butternut squash or even sweet potatoes instead of meat makes this recipe not only economical, but delicious too. I always serve this with herby couscous and some natural yogurt with some harissa stirred through.

Smoky Lentil and Bean Chilli    

This is a vegetarian version of a classic chilli con carne. Puy lentils replace the minced beef in this one, but you won’t miss the meat. The lentils not only add flavour, but also a great texture. This is a really healthy and inexpensive family meal that I like to serve with rice, grated cheese and some soured cream. Ready-to-eat lentils are available in most supermarkets and should be easy to find.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

What can I say about this pudding? If I see this dessert on a menu when eating out, it’s as good as ordered. When cooking at home I like to add a good pinch of salt to the toffee sauce. I asked friends round when testing this recipe and they couldn’t believe it had been made in a slow cooker. I was buzzing because this just shows the diversity of dishes that can be created. 

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