Mediterranean magic

Summer feels like it has nearly arrived, finally! As the weather gets warmer you are probably dreaming of your next holiday or looking for a pick me up if you have just arrived home. Even though we can't physically take you abroad, we can definitely take your taste buds on a mini holiday! If you're longing for the warm Mediterranean breeze, the azure coastlines and of course, the sun-drenched, flavour-packed cuisine, then we've got recipes lined up that'll transport you right back to that dreamy seaside.

Let’s begin our adventure with Dean Edward’s comforting Spanish chicken stew. This slow cooker dish braises succulent chicken in a rich tomato and chorizo sauce. As the spicy aromas fill your kitchen, you might even find yourself transported to the heart of a bustling Spanish market. The best part? The slow cooker does all the hard work for you, so you can go about your day as normal and still enjoy a delicious meal at the end of the day.

We are keeping the Spanish theme alive with Jose Pizzaro's Moorish meatballs recipe. Meatballs, but not as you may know them! Warming spices, including sweet and smoky paprika, evoke the Spanish flavours in this dish. The unexpected addition of sultanas adds a pop of sweetness which complements the spinach, pine nuts and saffron yoghurt. Perfect as a standalone dinner or as part of a larger tapas feast, these meatballs will be sure to get people talking, and eating!

Landing in Greece with Jo Pratt’s Greek Lamb & Feta Salad recipe, it's a nifty one to add to your cooking repertoire. This lends itself particularly well to using up whatever veg you may have on hand. You could try roast peppers, courgettes or aubergine instead of the asparagus. It won’t take you long to rustle up this salad leaving you with more time to enjoy the outside. Here’s hoping for some sunshine!

It wouldn't be a Mediterranean inspired blog if we didn't include a recipe from Italy would it? We had to feature this Tuscan panzanella recipe by the The Alberti Twins. Panzanella is a quintessential summer dish: simple, colourful, and popping with bright flavours. Best of all, this rustic salad requires minimal hands on prep, you’ll basically toss all the ingredients together and leave the toasty ciabatta to soak up the aromatic tomato juices. If you’re looking for an easy meal inspired by the beautiful Tuscany then this is the one for you.

Each of these dishes brings the promise of sun-soaked days and perhaps will even invoke some holiday memories for you. So grab your apron and let us help you to create a little bit of Mediterranean kitchen magic to enjoy with family and friends. You can browse 100s more recipes on Plate Up and with the addition of Amazon Fresh as a supermarket you will be rustling up your Mediterranean recipes in no time.

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