9 Easy Halloween Recipes to Scare Your Mates With

Halloween is quickly approaching! This is the time of year when we celebrate all things frightening and spooky! Some of us dress up and go trick or treating with family, while others dress up and party all night with friends.

Plate Up provides recipes from culinary chefs to cook and bake throughout October to satisfy our Halloween spirit desires. So, if you're looking for some creative, unusual, and delicious foods this October, go no further than the Plate Up app.

Toe Chili - Chili Con Carne  || Easy Halloween Recipes on Plate Up

This Halloween dinner recipe from Ghoul at Heart is a twist on a typical chilli con carne with the addition of spooky toes made of kielbasa (Polish Sausages) and onion that give it that Halloween atmosphere that is excellent for any dinner gathering during the season. You can create realistic and scary looking toes as seen on the image in a matter of minutes! Have a crack at making this recipe, it’s guaranteed to scare your mates! 

Blood Moon Cake - Vanilla Orange Cake || Easy Halloween Recipes on Plate Up

We can't leave out dessert, especially this one! Ghoul at Heart's blood moon cake recipe is sure to impress anyone who tries it. This is the Halloween treat you didn't know you wanted, thanks to the combination of oranges and grapefruits for the colour gradient and a delectable vanilla sponge. The gradient effect of this cake is sure to awe your friends and family who will be taking a slice out of it. Overall this recipe is a must try if you’re ever short on Halloween cake ideas.

Rotten Apple Cider || Easy Halloween Recipes on Plate Up

If you're looking for a Halloween drink recipe, look no further than Ghoul at Heart's Rotten Apple Cider, an easy and visually stunning beverage that's guaranteed to be a favourite at any Halloween party this October. You can also replace the apple cider for apple juice for a more kid friendly version of the recipe!

Pumpkin ‘’Monster’’ Cupcakes || Easy Halloween Recipes on Plate Up

Who said Halloween had to be all about gore and horror? It's equally as incredibly delightful to make some cute and spooky Halloween cupcakes. Marcella DiLonardo's Pumpkin "Monster" Cupcakes are a fun twist on Halloween sweets with the addition of the seasonal pumpkin flavour. The recipe is simple and quick to prepare so why not involve your children in the Halloween festivities by having them help bake some cupcakes?

Pumpkin Bowl || Easy Halloween Recipes on Plate Up

Let's face it, after Halloween we're all left with lots of pumpkins in and around the house. Don’t throw away your jack o lantern, use your pumpkin to make this delicious recipe. Tasteverse’s simple vegetarian dish echoes the taste of autumn with its grilled vegetables and creamy macaroni pasta. Eat straight out of the bowl with this one, you could even try eating the bowl itself! What better way to reduce food waste right?

Corn on the cob Carcass || Easy Halloween Recipes on Plate Up

It's very easy to transform corn on the cob into a spooky Halloween side dish with some creative plating and simple preparation. Bring delight to your family and friends with taste as well as style as this Ghoul at Heart dish is flavoured with paprika and chilli to give it a great kick. Added to that, it also comes with its own spiced mayonnaise that is sure to impress all those Halloween party goers. If you're looking for a dish which feeds plenty of people, this is the one to go for.

Bread of the Dead || Easy Halloween Recipes on Plate Up

Ghoul at Heart’s bread of the dead consists of flatbread pizza made with savory mushroom skulls, shallots and herbs topped with a balsamic glaze drizzle. Although the skulls look difficult to create, you won’t need pro carving skills to make this dish, Plate Up’s recipes are extremely easy to follow so you’ll be able to get fantastic results every time. It’s not every day where you can serve yourself a black pizza (that’s not burnt!) but this is the real deal and the recipe is quick and easy to make so you can have that perfect Halloween lunch you’ve been craving for! 

Bat Out Of Hell Hummus || Easy Halloween Recipes on Plate Up

Ah hummus, the standard garnish of the middle east. What would happen if we added a little Halloween pizzazz? We’d get Ghoul at heart’s bat out of hell hummus of course! This southwest style black bean hummus recipe is not only a lot of fun but also takes no time at all. We start with making the standard hummus though we add black food colouring and some black beans to the mix and then go onto making bat shaped crackers. Most hummus recipes out there do not include foods for dipping but this one does which is why you guys have to make this!

Freak Show Funnel Cakes || Easy Halloween Recipes on Plate Up

Funnel cakes look a bit weird and wacky anyway but this recipe knocks it out of the park! It’s dyed a deep red colour which gives a freaky impression of scattered intestines. Don't worry though, this tastes nothing of the sort! Ghoul at Heart’s funnel cake is deliciously sweet as it’s spiced with everything autumn, ground cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla and topped with powdered sugar. If you’re looking for a sweet snack, this recipe is perfect to bake.

Want to make these recipes yourself? Download the Plate Up app and explore our new, creative and easy Halloween recipes from culinary chefs this October! Click Here.

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