You need to know these 8 Pumpkin Patches near London

Pumpkin picking is an annual tradition for many families, and the best time to visit one is during the autumn season. Alongside apples and Halloween costumes, picking up a pumpkin or two is an essential part of this much-anticipated month.

There are lots of pumpkin patches around London, providing visitors with plenty of options for their autumnal adventures.

Pumpkin Patch - Pumpkins of different varieties | Plate Up

A pumpkin patch is a place where you can pick your own pumpkin from a field of them. They are usually surrounded by an enclosure with a gate that you can open and close yourself, or often there is a staff member who will do it for you. You may be able to do some other activities while you’re there or visit other attractions within the farm - such as riding on a tractor or saying hello to the animals.

The pumpkin patches around London vary in size, but they're all popular destinations for kids and adults alike. Here’s a list of the top 8 pumpkin patches near London so you can get your orange pumpkins in time for Halloween.

Pumpkin Patch at Willows Activity Farm - Pumpkins of different varieties | Plate Up

Willows Activity Farm – Hertfordshire

Willows Activity Farm is an amazing place to have a great family adventure. The pumpkins are in the thousands here so don’t worry about falling short of any. In addition to that, feel free to join in on the pumpkin hunt where everyone who takes part will receive a prize badge. Are you a massive fan of Beatrix Potter? Well this place will seem straight out of a fairy-tale for you. You’ll get to see the other attractions on the farm, of which there are many including: ‘Peter Rabbit’s Adventure Playground, Mr Todd’s Lair, The Big Dig sand & water play, Squirrel Nutkin’s Treehouse, The Farmyard, JCB Young Driver’s Zone, Bouncy Bounce inflatable pillows and more.’

The day wouldn’t be complete without taking a trip down Gourds Grotto, make sure to get those Instagram-worthy photos of your pumpkins! Our co-founder went with his family and friends and had a great time. The kids loved it!

Price: Adult - £24.00 + £0.50 booking fee, Child - £24.00 + £0.50 booking fee, under 2 years old no pumpkin (Please bring proof of age) – Free + £0.50 booking fee, under 2 years old with pumpkin (Please bring proof of age) – £2.50, Carer – Free. 


Pumpkin Patch at Crockford Bridge Farm - Pumpkins of different varieties | Plate Up
All Rights Reserved By Crockford Bridge Farm

Crockford Bridge Farm– Surrey

Fancy a trip to Surrey? Make sure to check out this great pumpkin patch as their pumpkin festival is filled with enticing activities for all the family to enjoy. Browse through thousands of pumpkins in Crockford Bridge Farm. Once you’ve chosen your pumpkin, you’ll get to decorate and carve them there and then (knife-free for children of course).  

Picking pumpkins can get a little tiring, that’s why Crockford Bridge farm has its own ice cream parlour and a tea shack. Guests can enjoy Italian gelato, hot chocolate, homemade soup and fresh apple juice straight from the tap, Halloween chocolates and toffee apples.

Price: Pumpkin Festival 2021 General Admission (Ages 1+) - £6.00 + £2.00 booking fee, Pumpkin Festival 2021 infant (under 1) – Free + £2.00 booking fee


Foxes Farm Produce – Essex (Colchester & Basildon)

This place was frequented by many celebrities including Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon. With over 15 different types of Pumpkin and squash you’ll probably be amazed by all the variations you never knew existed. Dark green, white pumpkins, pumpkins with green stripes, whatever it is, they’ve got your favourite winter squash (dibs on the butternut squash!). 

Carrying pumpkins can be heavy especially if carrying more than one so at Foxes Farm Produce you have the option of getting a wheelbarrow to make transporting your prized Pumpkins that much easier.  

As a bonus there’s even a scavenger hunt game thrown in the mix as well as plenty of photo opportunities for all those involved.

After all that pumpkin picking you are sure to be hungry and not to mention tired but don’t worry there are plenty of straw bale sofas to go around and even a catering service!  

Price: Price: Pumpkin Patch Family Ticket (This ticket is valid for 4 people) - £6.00, Additional Ticket (2 max) - £2.00


Pumpkin Patch at Prioriy Farm Estate - Pumpkins of different varieties | Plate Up
All Rights Reserved by Priory Farm

Priory Farm – Surrey 

Priory farm puts the Halloween magic right in their Pumpkin patch. With their very affordable prices you can choose to take part in all of their events if you really want. The first event being pumpkin picking, and you can do that in style with a tractor! Priory farm grows over 10,000 pumpkins, big and small every year so don’t you worry about missing out.

The second event includes being on the discovery trail where you can ‘venture way-marked walking trails, travel through ancient woodland, green pastures, meadows, and around fishing ponds’ with spooky surprises at every corner. Surrey is seemingly becoming a great place to get your jack o lantern this year!

Feel free to also grab a quick tasty treat on the way back home!

Price: Ages 1+ - £3.00 + £0.30 booking fee


Stanhill Farm – Kent

Last but not least it’s Stanhill farm based in Kent. Stanhill’s farm opened its pumpkin patch eight years ago solely for Halloween and it’s been proven very popular ever since. 

For all you pumpkin enthusiasts out there, not only is this place free to visit (you’ll still have to pre-book a place) Stanhill has this amazing option where you can stuff as many pumpkins as you like inside a wheelbarrow (providing that you can push it!) and buy it at the price of £35! We hope you’re not aiming to get an Atlantic giant, not even one of those would fit in a wheelbarrow! You’ll probably be making pumpkin dishes for a whole month with that amount. Don’t be frightened by that though, here at Plate Up we’ve got an array of pumpkin based recipes, so you’ll never get bored of eating the same pumpkin dish!

Price: Free


Pumpkin Patch at Pumpkin Picking Village  - Pumpkins of different varieties | Plate Up
All Rights Reserved by Pumpkin Picking Village

Pumpkin Picking Village - Essex (Chelmsford)

You can just tell from their website that they mean business when it comes to pumpkin picking on Halloween! Now if you check all the links in this post, chances are that you’ll see a ‘sorry no dogs allowed’ statement floating around. Fear not! At Pumpkin Picking Village you can bring along your dog or dogs to catch in on the action and take Instagram photos along the way! (please see the specified days you can do this)

Pumpkin Picking Village also holds night visits! Witness an ocean of orange under the stars as the pumpkin and squashes are lit up during the night. What a sight to behold right? You can also have fun on fair rides from the haunted house to the dodgems, all of these are included in the night bookings. 

What’s autumn without pumpkin spiced latte right? Pumpkin Picking Village has the covered for you too! Enjoy a cosy latte and other treats at their very own pumpkin snack shack.

With their patch open every single day this October and as a bonus they even have free parking so you’ve got no excuse but to give this place a visit.

Price: £3.99 - £9.99


Pumpkin Patch at Spadework- Pumpkins of different varieties | Plate Up
All Rights Reserved by Spadework

Spadework – Kent

Want to make a difference when you’re pumpkin picking? Well now you can! Spadework is a charity set up in Kent which provides care and support to adults who have learning and other disabilities. Spadeworks trainees help with growing vegetables (including pumpkins!), making jams and chutneys, even in activities based around woodworking and craft items. When you go to this pumpkin patch (or garden) not only will you be bringing home a wonderful pumpkin or squash of your choice, but the money will also feed straight back into their charity so that they can provide meaningful opportunities to adults with disabilities.

They have lots of different types of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, from the Atlantic Giant to Cronos and everything in the middle.  

Price: Book entry is free! Just pay for your pumpkin.


Hurley’s Pumpkin Forest - Essex (Wickford)

This is another great spot to visit to get ready for Halloween. Here you’ll see a plethora of Pumpkins in fact they offer over 40 varieties of pumpkin and squash, many that are not found anywhere else!

This place is centred around the family experience, so do bring along children for the ride as there are lots of activities that are on offer, including pumpkin bowling and a maize maze! The bookings are for the actual car, so it doesn’t matter about the amount of passengers, you’ll only pay for one ticket! Everyone will be sure not to get bored.

Hurley’s Pumpkin forest also does events in the twilight, so go on over and you’ll get to pick pumpkins whilst watching a great sunset!

Don’t worry about carrying all those pumpkins yourself either, you’ll get a wheelbarrow to do that for you, what’s better is that it’s in the booking ticket. 

Price: £5


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