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With climate change rapidly affecting our planet, sustainability has become increasingly important. It is more essential than ever before to choose to be sustainable. Plate Up wants everyone to be a part of the solution, so we're sharing with you helpful tips and hacks to reduce waste in your kitchen right now!

Reducing kitchen waste step 1 - Planning Your Meals | Plate Up - Meal Planning

1. Plan your meals

Meal planning for the week is an excellent way to reduce food waste. However, when you are busy each week, it can be difficult to organise and stick to a weekly meal plan, as well as shop for the ingredients needed for those meals. Not only does meal planning help with time management but it can also help you lose weight by encouraging portion control which leads to healthy eating habits. Fortunately, Plate Up can assist you in selecting simple and easy meals to eat and facilitate the delivery of the required ingredients by your local supermarket, reducing food and plastic waste.

Reducing kitchen waste step 2 - Reduce Takeaways | Plate Up - Meal Planning

2. Reduce takeaways

Ordering takeout can be a nice treat once in a while, but doing so on a regular basis is costly to both your wallet and the environment. Having takeaway every day, while enjoyable, can cost more than £150 per week! To save money, cook at home. It’s the most cost-effective and waste-free option. But if you think cooking at home is boring and too much hassle, we've got you covered! Using Plate Up to select your recipes is like ordering a guilt-free takeout, the recipes are quick and easy to cook, and, best of all, you can have the ingredients delivered to your front door. 

Reducing kitchen waste step 3 - Cook In Bulk | Plate Up - Meal Planning

3. Cook in bulk

When planning your meals, choose recipes that you know will last you more than a day. Pasta dishes are a good option in this situation, and Plate Up can assist you by providing you with our numerous unique pasta recipes, ensuring that you always have options that you want rather than just need.

Reducing kitchen waste step 4 - Freeze your food | Plate Up - Meal planning

4. Freeze your food

If you aren't going to use certain ingredients until later in the week, it’s a good idea to freeze them! If you're not going to use the meat within the next 1-2 days freeze it! If you have a large dinner, you may have leftovers that can be frozen and eaten later, reducing the amount of food you will have to throw away and saving you money in the meantime.

Reducing kitchen waste step 4 - Reuse and recycle food packaging | Plate Up - Meal planning

5. Reuse & recycle food packaging

When your food and ingredients are delivered, make sure to separate your recyclables. Before disposing of cardboard, cans, and plastic bottles in your recycle bin, they should be rinsed. Cleaning and reusing glass jars to store spices, grains, and other dry foods, or even to refrigerate sauces, is one of our favourite hacks.

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